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Use the links below to choose guitar amplifiers by type of amplifier circuit, just look up the guitar amp you are interested in and check out some of the best prices online and special offers on guitar amps. For example you may be looking for a new valve head guitar amp or a valve combo guitar amp or any of the other types, they are all listed below, by all the major manufacturers. You can also look up guitar amplifiers for bass guitars. We review the prices shown on various web sites and where possible show comparison prices to allow you to source the products at the best price and current deals online. We have written a guide to the various types of guitar amplifiers that are on the market., see guitar amplifiers explained for more details.

Choose Guitar Amplifier by Type

Choose Guitar Amplifier by Type
Choose Guitar Amplifier by Type

Below there is a list of the various types of guitar amplifier eg valve, bass or lead, or the sound, or the style of design.

You can also use this link to Choose the Guitar Amplifiers by Make. This takes you to a new page that lists all the makes of guitar amplifier. Use this if you want specific amplifier eg if you want a Marshall amplifier then choose Marshall and you will be taken to a page showing only Marshall amplifiers.

Some guitar amplifiers may be shown in more than one category as some amplifiers cross over the different types. Do not forget that if you buy a head style amplifier you will also need to buy a guitar amp speaker cabinet.

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