Guitar and Other Musical Instrument Accessories

Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Power Booster Guitar Effect Pedal Stomp Box

Check out our range of Guitar and other Musical Instrumental Accessories. Below you will find items like Guitar Cables, Guitar Straps, Guitar Stands, Guitar Capo, Guitar Strings, Plectrums , Bass Guitar Strings, Acoustic Guitar Strings and much more. For the full range of products that are available click on the page title and you will be taken to a page displaying all of the latest models and special offers.

On this, and the following pages, you can find all that extra gear that you need to get you guitar rig set up ready for practice, stage or studio. Guitar accessories are often the cheapest p[arts of your set up, and are often forgotten until you need them. We have listed a few of these below for more in depth selection use the image links on the page. We have tried to select all the extra guitar gear accessories that you need to compliment your musical instrument set up. Shown below are links to the other Guitar and Other Musical Instrument Accessories that you will need to set up your guitar rig. Click on the link to be taken to a page displaying suppliers and prices.

Guitar and Other Musical Instrument Accessories

AudioStorm HotBox 120 Pro Power Brake / Attenuator / Soak for valve / tube guitar amp. (8 Ohms)

Guitar Amplifier Power Soak Attenuators and Reducers

There are many styles of Guitar Amplifier Power Soak Attenuators and Reducers available to buy online. A Guitar Amp Power Soak or Power Attenuator is used to reduce the output power of the guitar amplifier to safe hearing levels while retaining the sonic characteristics that exist from the guitar amp volume being turned up to high levels. This means you ...
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Price Reductions on Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects and more.

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