YG-63R Tube Reverb Unit – 60’s Surf Sound

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Recreate that 60’s surf sound with the YumaGold YG-63R Tube Reverb Unit with spring reverb. The YG-63R tube reverb effect unit is perfect for recreating the Surf Guitar Sound of the 60’s and also that cowboy twang heard on many a Western theme tune. If you want to sound like Dick Dale then this tube reverb unit is the answer. Featuring hand-wired all tube circuitry with built in spring reverb, footswitch and vintage tweed covering.

Surf’s Up! YumaGold YG-63R Tube Reverb

YG-63R Tube Reverb Unit - Tube Reverb (Surf Sound Effect)
YG-63R Tube Reverb Unit – Tube Reverb (Surf Sound Effect)

Based on the legendary circuitry of the Fender ‘63 Tube Reverb and manufactured with modern practices for greater reliability. The Fender Tube Reverb was staple of virtually every surf performance and recording since the early ’60s. Add it on to any type of guitar amplifier for more reverb than you can shake a Dick Dale record at. Tube reverb has also featured on many blues and country tracks and even the odd Western Movie theme.

YG-63R Tube Reverb Features:

  • 1 x 6L6 power output tube
  • 1 x 12AX7 pre-amplifier tube
  • 1 x 12AT7 pre-amplifier tube
  • Dwell, mix, and tone controls
  • Tweed textured vinyl covering with wheat grille cloth

How to Buy the YG-63R Tube Reverb Unit

The YG-63R Tube Reverb Unit is hand made to order if you are interested in placing an order or for more information use the contact form.

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