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Listed below are our guitar gear product reviews for Guitar Gear including guitar amplifiers, guitar effect pedals, rack units, music processors and of course guitars. We review products from all the major manufacturers and popular guitar gear. Also check out the latest deals on guitar gear where there are price reductions and savings available. Subscribe to the mailing list and our newsletter to receive weekly product price reductions in email format. Guitar gear reviews are listed below. We offer a full guitar gear product review service, if you have new guitar gear that you are launching get in touch to discuss how we can review and publicise your new product.

Musical Instrument Gear Product Reviews

These are the latest musical instrument gear product reviews. New Reviews are being added all the time.

Current Top Featured Products from Customer Feedback

We listen to our visitors and where reviews and comments have been received we will list below some the hottest and most popular models for you to check out.

Current Featured Effect Pedals:

  1. Behringer RM600 Rotary Machine which recreates the sound of a Leslie Speaker. Great for tunes like Hotel California.
  2. Caline Fuzzy Bear effect pedal with a smooth, vintage fuzz sound created using vintage germanium transistor. And the with a unique Fuzz sound plus a high boost and noise gate setting.
  3. Caline Candy Floss fuzz effect pedal with extra settings for a high boost and a noise gate.

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Current Deals and Special Offers.

Special Offers on Guitar Amplifiers, Effects and More
Special Offers on Guitar Amplifiers, Effects and More
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This is just a small of the current special offers on musical instrument accessories that are available from the web site. Click on the image on the left to view the  Top 35 special offers on guitar gear

Included in the special offers are high quality products at reduced prices, helping you save money on reduced guitar amps, cheap guitar effect pedals and cheap guitar speaker cabinets.

YumaGold Web Site : Offers, Deals and Price Reductions

YumaGold : Special offers and price reductions on Musical Instrument Accessories including Guitar Amplifiers, Guitar Effect Pedals, Amplifier Valves and Speaker Cabinets.
YumaGold : Guitar Amps, Guitar Effect Pedals, Amplifier Valves and Speaker Cabinets.

The yumagold web site is expanding with new guitar products added daily. If you would like to discuss our advertising opportunities for guitar products on our site let us know by using the contact form. The YUMAGOLD musical instrument comparison web site has been created to allow musicians to review and purchase a wide range musical related products and find the best deals. We compare prices on various site like Amazon and EBay and then display them in a list. By comparing prices and suppliers we hope you can get the best deals possible.

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