Valve Guitar Amplifier – Technology Explained

Fender Deluxe Valve Guitar Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Guitar Valve Amplifier Technology Explained

We have written a number of pages to explain the guitar valve amplifier technology and some of the work that is behind valve guitar amplifier design, components used in the manufacturing process and how to care and maintain your valve amplifier in top condition. Our articles explains guitar valve amplifier technology starts with some basic explanations of the different types of guitar amplifier.

Here is a guide to Valve Guitar Amplifiers which have a very unique tone and sonic characteristic which is the preference of most of the Worlds most famous guitar players, past and present, read the guide below to find out why.

Valve Guitar Amplifier Circuit Design.

Fender Deluxe Circuit DiagramWithin our guitar valve amplifier technical guides we have included some circuit diagrams of classic tube amplifier designs from the 50’s and 60’s. An example is shown on the right of the classic Fender 5C3 circuit as used in the Fender Deluxe Valve Amplifier.

Guitar Amplifier Tube Care and Replacement

We have included some guidance on selecting the best new tubes for your guitar valve amplifier. Changing the valves periodically can have a massive effect on the quality of the sound generated by the guitar amplifier and also reduce hum.

Read about the Individual Guitar Amplifier Valves

By using the guide links below you can read about the individual guitar amplifier valves, where they are made, which type of circuit they are used in and what they are used for.

Buying Guitar Amplifier Valves and Tubes

We have a full range of replacement guitar amplifier valves and tubes including single valves, matched valve sets and complete guitar amplifier re-valve kits available for the most popular guitar amplifier types. These can be purchased by using the following links:

Read our Guitar Amplifier Technology Pages

Example of Valve Guitar Amplifier Circuit

Push Pull Valve Guitar Amplifier
Push Pull Valve Guitar Amplifier

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