Head Guitar Amplifier Explained

Blackstar Silverline Deluxe Head Modeling Guitar Amp (100W) Guitar Amplifier

A head guitar amplifier is the amplifier circuit within a cabinet or case without a speaker. This make it easy to transport the guitar amplifier as there are no heavy speakers to carry around. For most touring guitarists a head guitar amp allows the player to have his own unique sound and set up available at every gig. However, this will mean that to play a speaker cabinet will be required at the venue.

There are many types of head guitar amplifier to choose from. The most popular models are valve head guitar amps as used by many famous players however there are also solid state head guitar amps and even head amps for bass guitar available.

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Behringer ULTRABASS BXD3000H Bass Guitar Amplifier Head

Bass Head Guitar Amplifiers

Bass guitar head amplifiers are specially designed to work with the low frequency generated by these low pitched instruments. Check the best prices online for Bass Head Guitar Amplifiers below, these amps are designed for use with a bass guitar, however some blues guitarists also like to use a bass valve amplifier to achieve a particular sound. Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have ...
Head Guitar Amp
RANDALL RG1503H 3 Channel Solid State Guitar Amp Head

Solid State Head Guitar Amps, Compare Prices

Solid state guitar amplifiers use silicone chip technology including transistors, diodes and ic’s to modify and amplify the guitar pick up signal to audible levels. The overall tone of a solid state head guitar amp is different to that created by a more expensive valve head guitar amp. If designed correctly, Solid state guitar amplifiers have a particularily clean tonal quality. This clean tone, without distortion, makes them popular with Jazz players and other guitarists who ...
Head Guitar Amp
Bugera TRIREC INFINIUM Boutique Style 100W 3 Channel Valve Amplifier Head

Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers

This page focuses on Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers using a full all valve circuit design technology. This means there are valves in both the pre-amplifier and power output stages of the amplifier circuit. With this style of guitar amplifier a seperate guitar amplifier speaker cabinet will be required. Head valve amplifiers are popular with famous guitar players especially touring players as they can take there own favorite head guitar amp along to a venue and ...
Head Guitar Amp

Guitar Amplifier Technology Explained

Listed below are a number of guides to guitar amplifier technology. Learn about the different types of guitar amplifier on the market and how the different technology shapes the signal from the guitar and decides the type of tone you can expect to at the speakers.

There are also in-depth guides to valve guitar amplifier technology, the valve amplifier circuits used, how guitar amplifier valves work and how to maintain and repair your valve amplifier.

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