Hotone Captain Sunset Nano Legacy Head Guitar Amp (5W)

Nano Legacy Captain Sunset Guitar Amplifier Head

The Hotone Captain Sunset Nano Legacy Head Guitar Amp has a 5W output and has been designed to captures the main characteristics of the legendary Soldano®SLO 100 valve guitar amplifier, delivering you the famous classic high gain sound that you heard on many gold records. The Hotone Captain Sunset has a extremely compact footprint and features high quality tone via Volume and Gain controls and a 3 Band EQ. This Head guitar amplifier is compatible with speaker cabinets with impedance ratings from 4 to 16Ω, to get the best from the Hotone Captain Sunset Nano Legacy Head Guitar Amp use it with the Hotone Nano Legacy speaker cabinet. These mini guitar amps include a line out socket for headphones or input to another audio device. An effects loop and a line in socket.

The Hotone Captain Sunset has extremely compact design package for easy transportation. Power is via an 18v adapter that is supplied with the unit. Review the current prices for the Hotone Captain Sunset Nano Legacy Head Guitar Amp (5W) below. Also check out the other Hotone Nano Legacy Guitar Amplifiers that are available in the range.

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Below are links to more hotone guitar amps. Hotone Audio is a Chinese Company specialising in the design and manufacture of guitar amplifiers and guitar pedals. The Hotone range includes many products which include modern features. The Hotone guitar effect pedals and the Hotone guitar amplifiers are available from a number of online and retail stores. The people behind the Hotone Audio brand are is a group passionate about music. And they have a highly experienced international team that combines professional expertise with artistic spirit. The Hotone mission is to provide you with the sonic tools you require to take your tone and inspiration to the next level.

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Some interesting Hotone products to consider are the Hotone Nano Legacy guitar amplifiers, the Hotone Nano Legacy floor amplifiers, the Hotone multi effect pedals and the Hotone skyline guitar pedals. I personally own a number of Hotone products and I love the Hotone KOMP compressor pedal and I use this on my own pedal board.

Hotone Captain Sunset Nano Legacy : Solid State Modeling Head Guitar Amplifiers

The Hotone Captain Sunset Nano Legacy Head Guitar Amp (5W) is a solid state head guitar amplifier which means there is no speaker supplied with the guitar amplifier unit. You will have to either buy the matching Hotone matched speaker cabinet or use another suitable speaker cabinet to hear the guitar output on stage or at home. A solid state guitar amplifier uses silicone chip technology, IC’s, transistors and diodes, to create the amplified guitar signal. With this it is also possible to include modeling software that can shape the sound towards that of a vintage guitar amplifier design and tone. Most modeling guitar amplifier designs are based on classic valve amp designs, upgraded with modern fabrication methods.

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