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Hotone WHIP Heavy Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal SDS-2

The Hotone WHIP Heavy Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal SDS-2 is a boutique style distortion guitar pedal that offers an aggressive and heavy tone. The Hotone WHIP is perfect for Heavy Metal guitarists and shredders as it will provide a large range of dirty heavy metal distortion and mid range tones. The additional  EDGE button provides an additional top end boost to the guitar signal. The Hotone WHIP Heavy Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal SDS-2 is part of the Hotone Skyline guitar pedals range. These mini guitar pedals have a wide range of features and are available at reasonable price levels.

Compare price, suppliers and special offers for the Hotone WHIP Heavy Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal SDS-2 below. Also review the full range of Hotone guitar pedals and the Hotone guitar amps range, especially the Hotone Legacy 5W head amps.

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About Hotone Guitar Effect Pedals

The Hotone WHIP Heavy Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal SDS-2 is one of many types of Hotone Guitar Pedals that are currently available. The Hotone Guitar Pedals feature reliable manufacturing methods and are made to a high specification and have both modern looks and features. These pedals are made by Hotone Audio, a Chinese Company specialising in the design and manufacture of guitar amplifiers and guitar pedals. The Hotone range includes many products which include modern features. The Hotone guitar effect pedals and the Hotone guitar amplifiers are available from a number of online and retail stores. The people behind the Hotone Audio brand are is a group passionate about music. And they have a highly experienced international team that combines professional expertise with artistic spirit. The Hotone mission is to provide you with the sonic tools you require to take your tone and inspiration to the next level.

Some interesting Hotone products to consider are the Hotone Nano Legacy guitar amplifiers, the Hotone Nano Legacy floor amplifiers, the Hotone multi effect pedals and the Hotone skyline guitar pedals. I personally own a number of Hotone products and I love the Hotone KOMP compressor pedal and I use this on my own pedal board.

About Heavy Metal Distortion Pedals

A heavy metal guitar pedal is typically used by a rock guitarist to replicate the sounds of the 80s british heavy metal guitar style that was made popular by bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas priest. The heavy metal distortion pedal will take the input guitar signal and increase the gain to a high level driving the pre-amp stage of the guitar amplifier creating a heavily distorted and fuzz sound. These pedals can also be used to boost the signal during solo work. Pedals to look out for include the TC Electronic Eyemaster Metal Distortion, the MXR Fullbore Metal Distortion and the Behringer UM300 Ultra Metal Distortion.

More Hotone Guitar Pedals to Consider

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