Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers

There are many styles of guitar amplifier available. This page focuses on hybrid guitar amplifiers. A Hybrid Guitar Amplifier combines the best features of both using solid state and valve technology to create a unique sound. More details about this style of guitar amplifier are available at the bottom of the page.

Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each type on our Guitar Amplifiers Explained page. Click on the links below to see examples of the individual Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers

A Selection of Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers

Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers Explained

Laney LV200 Tube Hybrid Guitar Combo Amplifier
Laney LV200 Tube Hybrid Guitar Combo Amplifier

A hybrid amplifier involves one of two combinations of tube and solid-state amplification. as in most of the original MusicMan Amps, later amplifier models from Alamo Electronics, the Fender Super Champ XD, and the Roland Bolt amplifier. Randall Amplifiers V2 and T2 use hybrid amp technology. Alternatively, a tube pre-amplifier can feed a solid-state output stage, as in models from Kustom, Hartke, SWR and Vox. This approach dispenses with the need for an output transformer and easily achieves modern power levels. These are modern guitar amplifiers which include classic design features and modern fabrication methods.

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