JHS Bonsai Screamer 9-Way Overdrive Guitar Pedal Effect

JHS The Bonsai 9-Way Screamer Pedal

The JHS Bonsai Screamer Overdrive Pedal is a truly remarkable tube screamer pedal that provides a wealth of guitar tones. In the late 1970’s the overdrive pedal was perfected when Japanese engineers designed iconic green box sound that we now know as the heart and soul of so many of our favourite artists and recordings. The Bonsai is the JHS tribute to one of the greatest pedals ever created. Following in the steps of the JHS Muffuletta (2015), the new JHS Bonsai utilises a simple rotary knob to switch through nine classic, vintage, rare, or hard to find variations of the Tube Screamer. Each pedal was individually replicated in every aspect of the sound and feel of the original unit. Lets take a look at the 9 modes of the JHS Bonsai based on the 9 vintage pedals that were chosen – the OD-1 (77), TS-808 (79), TS-9 (82), MSL (85), TS-10 (86), OD-1 (89), TS-7 (99), Keeley Mod (02) and JHS Strong (08). With the JHS Pedal Bonsai you can get the classic sounds of nine different Tubescreamers in one pedal.

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About Tube Screamer Guitar Effect Pedal Designs

The JHS Bonsai Screamer Overdrive pedal above is modeled on the legendary Ibanez TS808 tube screamer which is an extreme overdrive pedal with the middle EQ section boosted. The ibanez TS9 tube screamer pedal and the ibanez TS808 tube screamer pedal are sought after vintage models which appear on the pedal boards of famous guitar players – the originals always have a green color. A tube screamer pedal takes the original overdrive pedal concept and takes it to a new level. The tube screamer is used to drive the input section of the guitar amplifier to extreme levels within a unique mid-boosted tone and is popular with blues and rock players. The “legendary” tube screamer has been used by countless guitarists to create their signature sound, and is one of the most successful, widely copied, and “modded” overdrive pedals in the history of the electric guitar. There are many versions of the tube screamer pedals on the market.

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About Boutique JHS Guitar Effect Pedal Manufacture

The JHS Bonsai Screamer Overdrive Pedal is one of many types of JHS guitar pedals that are currently available to buy online from websites. The JHS Pedals brand is the result of Josh Scott’s desire to build quality guitar effect pedals that will stand out in an over-saturated market. Since 2007, JHS Pedals has evolved into an effects pedal company recognised world-wide. Josh’s years of touring and session work along with eventual electronics tinkering bring the experience and knowledge of what musicians need and want in their rigs, and that is one of the core values that JHS was built upon. JHS Pedals are manufactured in the USA, with every JHS guitar pedal is assembled, tested, and shipped from the factory in Kansas City.

With a complete electric guitar, bass guitar, utility, and mod shop set up, JHS Pedals offers one of the broadest lines of guitar pedal effects on the market today. JHS Pedals value and commit to designing, populating, and assembling guitar pedals that sound excellent, are easy to use, and work correctly. View the full list of JHS guitar effects.

Boutique Guitar Effect Pedal Designs

Our website has many boutique guitar pedals like the JHS Bonsai Screamer Overdrive pedal from suppliers around the World like Carl Martin guitar pedals, Caroline Guitar Company pedals, Catalinbread pedals and Hotone guitar pedals plus many more. Boutique effect pedals are typically produced in small batch sizes. These high quality guitar pedals are the choice of many famous guitar players who need reliable products that will stand up to years on the road and will supply noiseless performance in the studio.

These custom made guitar pedals are mainly sold online, via mail-order, or may appear in a few music stores. Boutique gear is often more expensive than mass-produced pedals however you will get a product made to a high specification in return, cheap guitar pedals can destroy a performance. Along with boutique guitar pedals there are also a number of boutique guitar amp manufacturers like Mesa Boogie guitar amps, Friedman guitar amps and Supro guitar amps.

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