JOYO BlueJay Blues Jazz Tube Guitar Amplifier

JOYO BlueJay Blues Jazz Bantamp Guitar Amplifier Head 20w Tube 2 Channel FX Loop Headphone Bluetooth

The JOYO BlueJay Blues Jazz Tube Guitar Amplifier from Joyo’s Bantamp series is a compact and portable 20 Watt head hybrid. The BlueJay Blues Jazz is perfect for Blues and Jazz playing styles. Its warm clean tones are reminiscent of the classic amps that came out of California all those years ago. It can do more than clean though, with 2 channels it can also deliver rich overdrive tones that make you want to play those bluesy licks all day long. The JOYO BlueJay Blues Jazz Tube Guitar Amplifier has 1 x 12AX7 Preamp tube which produces the warm smooth overdrive tones that do not clip tone and keeps your guitar sounding true to its original tone.

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JOYO BlueJay Blues Jazz : Hybrid Combo Guitar Amplifiers

JOYO BlueJay Blues Jazz is a Hybrid Guitar Amplifier combines the best of both solid state and valve technology to create a unique sound quality. Generally hybrid guitar amplifiers include a valve pre-amplifier circuit and a solid state power output circuit. This gives the guitar player access to the smooth valve tone crunch effect that blues and rock players like and the high power, clean, sound of solid state amplifiers. When you buy hybrid guitar amps you are getting a contemporary design that gives you access to state of the art modern features like USB, Bluetooth and includes some classic design features.

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