JOYO UZI Distortion Guitar Pedal, Revolution Series R-03

JOYO Uzi Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal - Revolution R Series

The JOYO UZI Distortion Guitar Pedal is versatile guitar distortion pedal machine introducing classic British overdriven valve guitar amp tones to your set up, a killer drive distortion pedal. This distortion effect pedal can take your guitar tone from a smooth overdriven break up to that intense, sustained, classic metal distortion sound of the 70s and 80s. From subtle plexi crunch pedal sounds to fat and saturated lead solo sounds, the Joyo UZI distortion guitar pedal has great sonic flexibility and will emulate a classic overdriven tube guitar amp through to a very responsive aggressive grungey distortion from a hard driven solid state amp. The versatility of this modern distortion pedal is extended with the ability to adjust the EQ on the pedal. The JOYO UZI distortion guitar pedal will take your guitar tone  close to the iconic sounds of the Marshall JCM800 amp and Marshall JCM900 amp, without the vintage guitar amplifier price tag. Controls include Volume and Gain and the EQ range can be adjusted with the Low, Mid, High controls. An additional Bias control is added to add some tube guitar amplifier flavour.

Some additional specification details for the JOYO UZI Distortion Guitar Pedal include, Input Impedance of 1M ohm, Output Impedance of 200 ohm, a rated current draw of 20mA and a voltage socket is included taking a 9V centre negative power supply. The JOYO UZI Distortion Guitar Pedal is part of the new Joyo R Series, also known as the Joyo Revolution Series of modern guitar pedals. These are the 4th generation of JOYO guitar effect pedals to hit the market. All of the Joyo R series pedals feature cool ambient LED lighting that can be toggled from a switch on the rear of the pedal. Check out prices below for the JOYO UZI Distortion Guitar Pedal – Revolution Series R-03, click on the link to place your order. By accessing different online stores it is possible to see differences in the prices and any possible savings that may exist. The web site has many types of guitar effect pedal to consider including high quality boutique guitar effect pedals as used by many famous guitar players.

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Guitar Distortion Pedals Explained

The JOYO UZI Distortion Guitar Pedal, Revolution Series R-03 is one of many distortion guitar pedals on the market, in fact distortion is one of the most popular guitar effects appearing on guitar pedal boards all over the World. A guitar distortion pedal takes the input from pickups or somewhere along the guitar signal chain, boosts the gain up and then generates a “fuzzy”, “growling”, or “gritty” tone. A distortion effect pedal can be used to replicate an over driven vintage valve guitar amplifier.  Guitarists playing electric blues guitar in bands originally obtained a distorted sound by turning up their valve amps to very high volumes, which caused the signal to distort and break up. Distortion pedals were developed to replicate this sound without the need for high volume and are now a key part of many guitar styles including blues, rock, punk rock and heavy metal music. For high gain distortion effect pedalsbass guitar distortion pedals to choose from.and heavy metal distortion pedals are also available to buy. Distortion effect pedals are available from many suppliers, from cheap distortion effect pedals mass produced in china to high quality custom made distortion pedals made in the USA, Europe and Australia.

A popular distortion pedal with a lot of famous guitar players is the Boss DS-1 Distortion effect pedal. This single guitar distortion pedal is found on many guitar player pedal boards. We have selected a few distortion guitar pedals worth checking out from standard distortion guitar pedals that are available at cheap prices like the NUX brownie distortion pedal, and the NUX metal core distortion pedal and the Donner alpha cruncher distortion pedal. There are also a number of high quality and boutique distortion pedals available like the Blackstar LT distortion pedalMad Professor Mighty Red pedal, the JHS Sweet Tea Overdrive pedal, the T-Rex Bloody Mary pedal, the US made Keeley Filaments Tube Distortion and finally the Red Witch Seven Sisters Ivy Distortion from New Zealand. Review the clone effect pedals that manufactured by a number of companies to emulate vintage distortion pedals, for instance if you require a cheap distortion take a look at the Caline clone list and the Biyang Clone list for details.

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About Joyo Guitar Effect Pedals

The JOYO UZI Distortion Guitar Pedal, Revolution Series R-03 is one of many types of Joyo guitar pedals that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores. The JOYO brand has a long standing reputation with musicians and guitarists for manufacturing quality guitar pedals and supplying them to the market at affordable prices. The Joyo effect pedals and Joyo guitar amps are manufactured in Shenzen, China. Popular models include the Joyo California guitar pedal, the Joyo guitar compressor pedals, the Joyo chorus pedals and the Joyo distortion pedals. Joyo make a wide range of musical instrument and guitar related accessories including the range of Joyo guitar amplifiers, with some nice mini head guitar amplifiers like the Joyo Blue Jay Blues Jazz guitar amplifier in the range. Joyo are linked to the boutique guitar pedal manufacturer DR.J. The DR.J design team began with tweaking and modifying existing guitar effect pedals. these modified pedals became popular with guitar players and sales of DR.J pedals grew. Due to this increased requirement the DR.J design team joined forces with the Joyo guitar effect pedals team using the Joyo marketing and distribution system to bring these unique custom made guitar effect pedals to a wider audience. Dr.J focus on creating pedals for passionate musicians, with superb tone and outstanding quality.

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