JOYO Vision Dual Modulation Stereo Guitar Pedal

JOYO Vision Dual Channel Stereo Multi Modulation Guitar Effect Pedal

The JOYO Vision Dual Modulation Stereo Guitar Pedal is a tone benders modulation pedal, 2 channels of modulation in one guitar effect pedal. Its two sides of modulation are built in two separate channels, A and B, that you can mix and blend in parallel or series modes at the flick of a switch. The JOYO Vision Dual Modulation Pedal has a total of 18 modulation effects to choose from including in Channel A: Mod-Phase, Chorus, Stereo-Phase, Flanger, Phase, Rotary, Trem, Liquid Phase, Tri-Chorus and in Channel B: Opt-trem, SM-CH, Low-bit, At-Wah, Analog Flange, Phase, Octave, Stutter, Vibrato. The pedal also includes Stereo Inputs and Outputs for mixing stereo effects or for sending the signal to two separate guitar amplifiers. This pedal is not just for guitar or bass and can be used with keyboards, synths or in the mixing console.

If using JOYO Vision Dual Modulation Stereo Guitar Pedal as a traditional mono guitar effect in the effects chain or on a pedal board this can be done by using the left input/output only. By accessing different online stores it is possible to see differences in the prices and any possible savings that may exist. The web site has many types of guitar effect pedal to consider including high quality boutique guitar effect pedals as used by famous players.

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Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals Explained

A guitar multi-effects pedal is a versatile piece of equipment when used correctly. Guitar multi-effects pedals are designed with a large bank of standard effects within one single unit which typically is designed to look like a standard guitar pedal board. box. This eliminates the need to buy lots of separate effect pedals, link cables, and pedal power supplies etc. The multi-effects unit is normally programmable where once a effect chain has been designed and set up it can be saved into a slot in the memory and then easily recalled for use again in the future.

Some high quality multi-effects units like the Roland multi-effect pedals are great for use in live performance as the effects can be set up and saved and recalled using a single foot switch unlike seperate effects where it would involve switching various effect pedals on and off. To some people multi-effects units can be hard to set up however if the time is taken to learn the settings and how to program the unit they can be a very valuable piece of equipment for the guitar player. Guitar multi-effects pedals are available in seperate versions for lead guitar multi-effects and bass guitar multi-effects.

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About Joyo Guitar Effect Pedals

The JOYO Vision Dual Modulation Stereo Guitar Pedal is one of many types of Joyo guitar pedals that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores. The JOYO brand has a long standing reputation with musicians and guitarists for manufacturing quality guitar pedals and supplying them to the market at affordable prices. The Joyo effect pedals and Joyo guitar amps are manufactured in Shenzen, China. Popular models include the Joyo California pedal, the Joyo compressor pedals, the Joyo chorus pedals and the Joyo distortion pedals. Joyo make a wide range of musical instrument and guitar related accessories including the range of Joyo guitar amplifiers, with some nice mini head guitar amplifiers like the Joyo Blue Jay Blues Jazz guitar amplifier in the range. Joyo are linked to the boutique guitar pedal manufacturer DR.J. The DR.J design team began with tweaking and modifying existing guitar effect pedals. these modified pedals became popular with guitar players and sales of DR.J pedals grew. Due to this increased requirement the DR.J design team joined forces with the Joyo guitar effect pedals team using the Joyo marketing and distribution system to bring these unique custom made guitar effect pedals to a wider audience. Dr.J focus on creating pedals for passionate musicians, with superb tone and outstanding quality.

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