Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe Boutique Pedal

Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe  Pedal - Boutique Guitar Stomp Box Effect

The Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe Boutique Pedal is a collection of guitar effects in one single stompbox package. It is effectively two channels, a fuzz channel and a modulation channel that can be combined on the Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe to create a wealth of guitar sounds. The Keeley Monterey has vintage fuzz, rotary speaker, vibe, harmonic and auto wah, an octave up or octave down, as well an expression control to allow you to create a rich array sonic enhancements and sounds. There are two channels on the Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe, and these can be configured to give you five different sounds. The right stomp switch activates the fuzz pedal channel. The fuzz channel has been designed to give you a rich, full, classic two-transistor fuzz sound that is accurate yet has a touch of smoothness added. At the heart of the fuzz are vintage Fairchild Semiconductor transistors. These moderate gain transistors offer the perfect fuzz tone and do not have the temperamental temperature related problems that germanium devices exhibit, while still giving you incredible tone. The modulation pedal channel offers an Octave effect with both the Vibe and Wah sounds. With those two sounds you can either have Octave Up, Octave Down, or No Octave.

Review options, compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe Boutique Pedal. There are many Keeley effect pedal types in the range with all the popular effect styles covered like multi-effects pedalsguitar compressor pedalsnoise gate pedals and more.

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About Guitar Vibrato Effect Pedals

A vibrato effect pedal emulates the sound of a guitar string being bent. Vibrato is to sometimes forgotten by guitar players however these vibrato pedals do have a role to play in creating new and exciting guitar sounds if they are set and used correctly.

About Uni-Vibe Guitar Effect Pedals

A guitar vibe pedal or univibe pedal is a modification of the original phaser pedal and is used for creating both chorus and vibrato simulations for the guitar signal. The vibe pedal was first designed 60s by Japanese company Shin-ei. The pedal was intended to emulate rotary leslie speaker effect however the final design of the uni-vibe pedal became a totally new guitar effect its own right. The original univibe can be heard on tracks like Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs”, Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” and Pink Floyd’s “Breathe”.  There are many vibe pedals on the market now but versions of the originals are still made by some companies and these are classed as boutique vibe pedals due to the hand made and high price tags.

Review these vibe models digitech ventura vibe rotary vibrato, the dunlop jimi hendrix uni-vibe, the dunlop rotovibe, the fulltone plimsoul overdrive pedal, the keeley monterey rotary fuzz, the roger mayer voodoo vibe and the voodoo lab micro vibe rotary.

About Rotary Speaker Guitar Effect Pedals

A rotary speaker pedal is an electronic version of the legendary Leslie speaker that was used in many famous songs. This is a very unique design system which involved two speakers inside an amplifier box, the speakers are on separate vertical and horizontal planes and driven by a motor. The speed of the motor can be adjusted. Once the motor is activated the two speakers start to rotate. When a guitar signal is fed to the amplifier the resulting sound is fed to the speakers. The sound that comes out of the box is a unique swirling effect. The original vintage units are very large and costly, now the effect has been replicated to create a rotary effect pedal which is small and easy to transport. The digital version can recreate the same unique sound. This effect can be heard on my songs including the intro to Hotel California by the Eagles.

Check out some good quality rotary speaker effects like the like the dunlop rotovibe pedal, the keeley monterey rotary fuzz vibe, the pigtronix rototron, the strymon lex rotary pedal and the voodoo lab micro vibe rotary.

About Guitar Fuzz Effect Pedals

guitar fuzz pedal takes the input guitar signal chain, boosts the gain and then generates a “fuzzy”, “growling”, or “gritty” tone. A guitar fuzz box can be used to replicate an over driven valve guitar amplifier. Guitarists playing electric blues originally obtained an distorted sound by turning up their vintage valve guitar amps to very high volumes, which caused the signal to distort and break up. Fuzz pedals were developed to replicate this sound without the need for high volume and are now a key part of many guitar styles including blues, rock, punk rock and heavy metal music.

Prices range from very cheap to expensive however boutique fuzz pedal designs which are made to a higher specification and quality are the go to pedal for famous guitar players and are common on famous guitar player pedal boards. The price will reflect the quality of the sound produced. Popular boutique effect pedals include the Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face Distortion, the Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz, the MXR Slash Octave Fuzz and the TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz. For cheaper models look at the Danelectro FAB Fuzz and the Biyang FZ-7 Fuzz Distortion.

More Keeley Guitar Pedals to Consider

About Keeley Guitar Pedals

If you are looking for a quality guitar pedal with unique design innovation, studio quality performance and gig ready reliability then you cannot go too far wrong buying a Keeley guitar pedal. These quality pedals are made in the USA by boutique guitar pedal manufacturer Keeley Electronics. The Keeley Dark Side Fuzz Delay Modulation Guitar Pedal shown above is one of many quality Keeley pedals that are currently available to buy online at websites like Amazon, Ebay and others. Keeley effect pedals feature on many famous guitar player pedal boards as they have a reputation for quality and reliability. Keeley pedals are handmade in the USA and when bought online there will be a delivery charge from the US distributor. Overall this makes the pedals at the high end of the price scale however, judging by the reviews from famous guitar players this money is well spent. Founded in 2001, Keeley Electronics specialises in designing and manufacturing new and exciting guitar effect pedals. Plus the guys at Keeley also design and sell modification kits for many of the popular Boss guitar pedals and Ibanez guitar pedals. One of the most popular guitar pedals manufactured by Keeley is in fact a compressor pedal, the Keeley KCPRO compressor pedal. According to Guitar World, Keeley Electronics has grown into “one of the world’s top sellers of guitar effects pedals“. On the website we have collected together the range of Keeley pedals and you can view the full list  with this link to Keeley boutique guitar pedals.

Boutique Guitar Pedals

The are a number of companies like Keeley Electronics who have taken the decision to focus on building quality guitar pedals. Not taking the route of mass produced pedals where the low selling price means that costs must be reduced meaning cheaper components and build quality. These boutique guitar pedal makers have chosen reliability, quality and innovation over selling in bulk. Boutique guitar effect pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies and are typically produced in limited, small batch, quantities.  They are often more expensive than mass-produced pedals due to the manufacturing process and higher-quality components. These pedals are mainly sold online, via mail-order, or sold in a few music stores.

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