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Kinsman BB10 Blaster 10W Amp - Black

The Kinsman BB10 Blaster Bass Guitar Practice Amp is perfect for beginners, home practice and small jam sessions. The Kinsman BB10 Blaster is neat and compact, featuring a max 10W output in to a single 4” speaker housed within a robust cabinet with a closed-back construction, for improved bass response and performance. This cheap bass guitar practice amp has a respectable 10W output and on-board controls for Drive, Gain, 2 band eq section with bass and treble, plus a master volume. There is also a headphone socket for silent practice at home. This small practice guitar amp is intended for use with bass guitars however it will also work well with other musical instruments as well.

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Kinsman BB10 Blaster : Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

The Kinsman BB10 Blaster Bass Guitar Amp 10W. A combo bass guitar amplifier includes both the amplifier circuit and speaker within the same special designed cabinet. Bass guitar amplifiers are specially designed to work with the low frequency sounds that generated by these low pitched instruments. While bass amps share the same features with a lead guitar amplifiers with additional circuitry to handle low-frequency sounds. This distinction also affects the design of the loudspeaker cabinet including using bigger bass speakers and sturdy construction.

Most good quality bass guitar amplifiers will include an EQ section and possibly other effects. Some bass guitar amplifier brands specialise in manufacturing this style of guitar amplifier, for example profession bass players normally buy ampeg bass amps, ashdown bass amps, gallien krueger bass amps and now modern brands like Blackstar have released the new blackstar unity bass guitar range. On the site you can also buy bass head guitar amps and buy bass combo guitar amps. We also have links to allow you to buy bass guitar effect pedals.

Our web site includes all styles of guitar amps sorted into different styles like valve combo amps, valve head amps, bass amps, boutique guitar amps etc. Review our full list of guitar amp types.

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