Laney Linebacker Modelling Guitar Amplifier Combo LR5 LR20

The Laney Linebacker Modelling Guitar Amplifier Combo is available in two versions, the 5W LR5 and the 20W LR20. The Laney Linebacker range is directed at guitar players who are are happy with simple straight ahead tone and effects combinations which sound great with the minimum amount of fuss. These compact combo guitar amplifiers are perfect for beginner’s and pro’s alike with loads of guitar modelling options. Choose from 11 different amp models, 5 regular modes, 5 hot modes and one insane mode and add various effects to shape your sound. Read more about the individual models below.

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About Laney Linebacker LR5 Modelling Guitar Amplifier Combo

The Laney Linebacker LR5 offers the player 2 channels – a mic channel with it’s own level control, located on the rear panel and an instrument channel featuring 11 amp options consisting of 5 regular modes, 5 hot modes and one insane mode – giving plenty of choices of tones. Housed in a stylish compact cabinet and delivering 5 watts RMS into a custom designed 6.5” driver the unit can be powered by either the psu supplied or via batteries which is a great feature for those outdoor moments. The cleanly laid out pre amp features the amp mode selector and overall volume control along with the dynamic contour control plus presence control for some serious tonal shaping. Next comes the amps FX section which allows for two effects to be selected at a time from four onboard modulation effects plus delay and reverbs. The effects combinations on the Laney Linebacker LR5 are automatically stored and recalled during channel switching. Combine all this with an onboard tuner, a carrying strap that doubles as a guitar strap and an aux input and you have a great, easy to use guitar package at a killer price.

About Laney Linebacker R20 Modelling Guitar Amplifier Combo

The LR20 is the second model in the Laney Linebacker range and offers 20 watts RMS into a 8” custom designed driver. The twin channel pre amp features two identical channels which each allow you to select from 11 options per channel 5 regular, 5 hot and 1 full on insane, giving you access to 22 different amp model options. The 11 amp models on each channel have been carefully chosen and packaged to give you everything that you could want in a compact amp. The clean sounds are clean and clear and the semi crunch tones are second to none, when it comes to dynamics and feel – add a little chorus and a medium delay and you can cover a host of modern guitar sounds. Select something a little more dirty and the amps really come alive with nice balanced highs and lows and on full-tilt these amp sound like real monsters. When you select an amp model it not only includes the amps gain characteristics but also a full set of custom EQ within the model so the LR20’s EQ controls are simplicity themselves featuring a Contour control and an overall presence control. Next come the effects – two banks of effects are supplied 4 MODULATION effects and delay/reverb fx, these banks of effects are accessed by a simple rotary control. dial in the effects you want for the amp tone you are on and everything is saved and recalled automatically the next time you dial that tone in again. Provision of a headphone socket, an aux in and an onboard tuner make this a great package at the price.

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Modelling Guitar Amplifiers Explained

Modeling guitar amplifiers are normally designed to emulate other, classic, guitar amplifier designs. Normally they are based on vintage valve guitar amps and boutique guitar amps that famous guitar players use. Buying a modeling guitar amplifier opens up a guitar player to lots of different guitar amplifier sounds and set ups without the need to buy lots of different guitar amps and effects. The technology involved to achieve this involves complicated digital circuitry and software that has been programmed into the integrated circuits that are used within the guitar amplifier circuit. This involves programming in the sonic characteristics of many of the classic guitar amp models. These different guitar amplifier emulations are then made available to the guitarist by using a selector switch on the control panel.

Some big brands have taken to the guitar amp modeling concept and are adding new designs with modern features like USB and Bluetooth each year. Review the range of guitar amplifiers that are being offered by the likes of Vox modeling amps and Blackstar modeling amps. These brands are popular among guitarists due to the long standing reputation for quality and innovation. There are other models available for you to buy modeling guitar amplifiers and if you just want to sample modeling without the expense of a new guitar amplifier you can also buy modeling effect pedals.

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