Modeling Guitar Amplifiers

Modeling Guitar Amplifiers are now becoming more popular as technology improves and additional modern features are added to the desgns. A modeling guitar amplifier is designed to emulate the sounds of an existing classic guitar amplifier model that is manufactured by another company, possible one which no longer exists, typically vintage valve amplifiers. This is achieved using complicated digital circuitry and the software that is built in to the amp. The software is created by sampling the sounds from the original amplifier. This way you tap into the legendary sounds of classic guitar amplifiers and the guitar tone of legendary guitar players without the need to by lots of vintage tube amps! There are many styles of modelling guitar amplifiers on the market and new models are being released every month. The latest models include modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, phone app software, direct computer output for recording and built in effects and guitar tuner.

A modeling guitar amplifier normally includes a selector switch that shows the classic amplifier tones and by adjusting the control the shape of the output sound will change to match a classic guitar amplifier design. For instance a modeling amplifier could be designed with built in software to recreate the sound of a vintage valve guitar amplifier from the 50’s. The range of guitar amplifiers manufactured by companies like VOX Amps, Line6 Amps and Blackstar Amps include many modeling guitar amplifiers within their range. It is seen by many that modeling technology will become the mainstay of guitar amplifier design and will replace most of the other styles of guitar amplifier. Of course, a digital guitar amplifier will never totally replace the tonal qualities of a boutique or vintage valve guitar amplifier but for the price, range of features and adaptability, modeling guitar amps are a great way to get the guitar tone you are looking for. I personally own a VOX VT modeling amp and a Blackstar Fly 3 mini amp that I use with my PC. You can also by modeling guitar effect pedals or amp simulator effect pedals to use with your current amplifier and this may be a more cost effective solution. Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each type on our guitar amplifiers explained page.

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