Mondegreen Digital Delay FX Pedal Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen Delay FX Pedal

The Mondegreen Digital Delay FX Pedal by the US boutique FX pedal manufacturer Old Blood Noise Endeavours is not your typical digital delay fx pedal as it has been designed with a three-way toggle switch which selects between three modes of modulated delay (stutter, whirl and sheer) and the Morph knob controls the depth of the modulation. Stutter is delay with percussive tremolo on the trails. Whirl is a modulated delay that adds chorus on the wet signal. Sheer is a delay with increasing octaves on the repeats. The expression input lets you take control of either the Time or Morph knobs (selectable via internal DIP switches) on the fly via an external expression pedal. This will allow you to go from short slap-back echos to long trippy repeats, with your foot.

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About Digital Delay Effect Pedals

digital delay pedal takes the input from the guitar signal chain and then plays the signal back after a period of time, the delayThe delayed signal may either be played back once to recreate a slapback echo or multiple times. Some digital delay fx pedals have a feedback setting to allow the echo to be fed back into the start to create the sound of a repeating, decaying echo. The digital delay effect is a popular guitar FX found on most guitar player pedal boards hence why there are so many digital delay pedals on the market from a large number of manufacturers.

Check out some of these popular digital delay pedals like the Boss DD-500 Digital Delay, and the  T-Rex Duck Tail Delay. Cheaper models to consider are the Joyo Time Magic Delay, the Mooer Ocean Machine Delay and the JHS Panther Cub Delay, all available at reasonable prices. Plus there are a wide range of boutique digital delay pedals to choose from as well, however these are generally hand made and the price reflects the quality of design and manufacture. Review the Dunlop Echoplex Delay, the Keeley Memphis Sun Delay guitar pedal, and the Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay. Expensive but they are the choice of professional guitar players so must be good. Review the full range of digital delay guitar pedals.

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About Old Blood Noise Endeavors Effect Pedals

Old Blood Noise Endeavors guitar pedals are designed and manufactured in Oklahoma, USA. These are unique boutique guitar effect pedals offering a different look at trusted pedal styles. OBNE has a wide range of guitar effect pedals available that are versatile and functional. These high quality, US made, guitar pedals are included in our boutique effect pedal range and there are many other boutique guitar pedals to review and consider buying on the YUMAGOLD website. Click on the links above to each of the individual Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedals where you can review prices and select the best price offers.

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