Mooer Gas Station Pre Amp Guitar Pedal (001)

MOOER Digital Preamp  001 Gas Station High Gain MICRO Guitar Pedal Effect Stomp Box

The Mooer Gas Station Pre Amp Guitar Pedal (001) is designed to emulate the pre-amplifier section of the iconic Diezel Hagen guitar amplifier. Featuring two channels with volume and gain plus a 3 band EQ section and speaker simulation output. The Mooer Gas Station Pre Amp Guitar Pedal (001) is part of the Mooer Micro PreAmp Pedals Series. These Mooer micro pedals are accurate digital recreations of the preamp sections of popular tube guitar amplifiers. Mooer have developed this range by directly analysing the performance of the real tube amp and using Intelligent Amplifier Modelling technology to capture the amplifier sounds, dynamics and response. Each of the separate <a href=””>Mooer Micro PreAmp pedals</a> comes with dual channels, integrated speaker cabinet simulation and dual operating modes to suit most guitar players requirements.

Review options, compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the Mooer Gas Station Pre Amp Guitar Pedal (001) below. There are many more Mooer pedal designs that are available to buy online. Mooer make pedals of all the popular guitar effect types including wah effect pedals, blues overdrive pedals, fuzz octave pedals and phaser pedals.

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About Guitar Pre-Amp Pedal (Pre-Amplifier Pedals)

A guitar pre-amplifier pedal is is used in the input section of the guitar signal chain to shape and boost the signal before it enters more effect pedals or the guitar amplifier input. There are many styles of guitar pre-amp pedal that have a specific style or tone. Generally features will include shaping the tone and also boosting the gain. In some ways they can also be similar to a booster pedal and may also be able to be used as a DI pedal.

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About Mooer Guitar Pedals

The Mooer Gas Station Pre Amp Guitar Pedal (001) is one of many types of Mooer guitar pedals that are available to buy online from websites like Amazon, Ebay plus others, they are also available in many retail stores as they are on the low end of the price scale. The MOOER guitar effect pedal brand is owned by Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd. based in China, and a manufacturer of a wide range of musical instrument accessories including Mooer guitar amps and guitar pedals. The most popular guitar effect pedals that Mooer make are the Micro series. The Mooer Micro series consists of over 60 guitar pedals with a very small footprint making them perfect for small pedal-boards and to carry in your pocket and guitar bag, this means that they need to have a guitar pedal power supply as they are too small for a battery compartment. Review the full range of Mooer guitar effect pedals and also the Mooer guitar amplifiers that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores.

A lot of Mooer guitar effects are based on other well know branded guitar effect pedals, or clones as they are also known. Some examples include the Mooer Ninety Orange Phaser, is very similar to the MXR Phase 90 and the Mooer Green Mile Overdrive is based on the Ibanez Tube Screamer pedal. We have created the Mooer guitar pedal clone list page that gives more details about these pedals and shows the Mooer guitar pedal and also what is considered to be the original guitar pedal that it the design is based on. By buying a clone guitar pedal you can tap into some iconic guitar tones for a fraction of the cost of the original pedal.

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