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See below our Musical Instrument Gear Help Guides. These are mainly guitar related guides covering a wide range of subjects that will help you choose the right gear for the sound and the tone your desire. These guitar help guides will give you an insight into how the technology works and how small changes can improve, or destroy, your tone. Follow your guitar signal path from the pick-ups to the speaker. See how to set up your pedal board and the best guitar effects to use, and select the right type of guitar amplifier for the sound you require, plus much more. The musical instrument gear help guides we have created are separated into different subjects to help you find the subject you are looking for. Click on the links below.

Guitar Amplifier Technology Explained

Listed below are a number of guides to guitar amplifier technology. Learn about the different types of guitar amplifier on the market and how the different technology shapes the signal from the guitar and decides the type of tone you can expect to at the speakers. There is also in-depth guides to valve guitar amplifier technology, the valve amplifier circuits used, how guitar amplifier valves work and how to maintain and repair your valve amplifier.

Your Guitar Signal Chain Explained

When you strum the strings of an electric guitar it creates an electric current in the pick-ups. This electrical current is very small and includes an number of frequencies and other tonal characteristics. This is the start of your signal chain. In order to hear this signal it must be amplified. From the pick-ups to the speakers there are many factors which will shape and modify the electrical current that was generated before it appears as a much greater, amplified, sound at the speakers and enters your ears. Read these guides to how the equipment you choose will modify your signal chain and shape your overall tone.

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Guitar Effect Pedals Explained

Guitar Signal Chain Explained
Guitar Effect Pedals Explained

There are hundreds of types of guitar effect pedals and hundreds of effect pedal manufacturers on the market. It is no wonder it can be confusing which model or make to choose to get the tone you desire.

Read our guides to get insight into what each type of pedal does, what to expect when add it to your signal chain, which brands to consider buying and the models to have on your pedal board. Our guitar effect pedal guides are a series of posts that have been created to provide an insight into how using guitar effect pedals can shape and modify your guitar signal chain and create a range of new, dramatic and pleasing guitar tones.

The choice of guitar effect pedal is important as it will modify your tone either making it sound good or totally destroying it. These guitar effect pedal guides will explain the function of each type of guitar effect and how it shapes your guitar signal. We also cover how the guitar effects are linked together, the best order to link the pedals, the use of a effect pedal power supply, creating your first guitar effect pedal board and the difference between buying low cost cheap pedals and buying boutique guitar effect pedals. There are also a number of guitar effect pedal clones on the market which can provide the same sound as the original pedals at a fraction of the cost.

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Famous Guitar Player Pedal Boards Explored

Typical Guitar Pedal Board
Typical Guitar Pedal Board

Find out what the famous guitar players are using on their pedal boards. Here we have created a number of posts reviewing a number of Famous Guitar Pedal Boards. By reviewing how the famous players have set up their pedal boards, the choice of effect pedals they have decided to use and the brands they work with it is possible to see where their tone comes from.

This will then allow you to make your own choices on which guitar effect pedals to buy and to start to design your own pedal board and create your own unique tone and sound.

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