Orange TremLord 30 Valve Guitar Amp Combo

The Orange TremLord 30 Valve Guitar Amp Combo is a British design based on vintage 50’s style valve amplfier designs. The Orange TremLord 30 has a 30W output into a single Italian made Lovoce 12″ speaker for a smoother top end and unique vintage tones. This, all valve guitar combo, features two foot-switchable valve driven tremolo speeds and a two spring reverb. The power circuit includes chosen EL84 power valves that produce the unique British tone associated with Orange guitar amplifiers. Review prices for the Orange TremLord 30 Valve Guitar Amp Combo below, click on the buy now button to place your order.

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About Valve Combo Guitar Amplifiers

The Orange TremLord 30 Valve Guitar Amp Combo is a high quality boutique “combo” style guitar amplifier which includes the power amplifier within a cabinet with a speaker. The guitar amplifier circuit is powered by valves, or Tubes as they are known in the USA. Valve guitar amplifiers have a unique tone quality and many of the current models on the market are based on classic designs upgraded with modern fabrication methods and quality components. Our web site includes all styles of guitar amps sorted into different styles like valve combo amps, valve head amps, bass guitar amps, boutique guitar amps etc. Review our full list of guitar amp types.

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