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Rack mounted guitar amplifiers are designed to be used within a rack cabinet and are wired to multiple speaker cabinets. These are normally referred to as part of an Amp Rack system. There are many styles of guitar amplifier on the market and rack mounted designs are often forgotten. Rack mounted guitar amplifiers are popular with touring bands and venues and popular amplifier makes include Gallien Krueger Amps, Behringer Amps plus many more. Rack mounted guitar amplifiers are mounted by their front face-plates in to a “rack mount” cabinet as can be seen in the image of an Odyssey cabinet with wheels.

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Rack Mounted Guitar Amplifiers Explained

The standard 19-inch wide rack unit is the most common type of enclosure that is used and, depending on the size being used, it may also house music processors and effect units. Using rack mounted systems is now the most popular installation for music venues and concerts making it easy to move the equipment from town to town and reducing the stage set up time. A musician may have his own combo guitar amplifier on stage which is used to achieve the chosen sound quality. This is then picked up by using a microphone on the speaker and fed to another set of rack amplifiers to boost the signal and ensure the correct volume for the audience.

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