Blackstar HT5, Replacement Valve Kit

Review below the valves, or tubes, that are included in the Blackstar HT5, Replacement Valve Kit. The blackstar ht5 is a small tube driven practice amplifier available in various versions like the basic blackstar ht5, the blackstar ht5r with reverb and the blackstar ht5m with higher gain preamp for metal and rock guitar player. Blackstar have a good reputation for design guitar amplifiers with new innovation features added as new models come along. The blackstar ht5 continues this tradition. The blackstar ht5 includes two small tubes which are fairly easy to replace, see video below. The blackstar ht5 guitar amplifier tube sets shown below, or valve kits, include all of the tubes that are required to repair, or service, your blackstart ht 5 valve guitar amplifier and bring it back to peak performance. Or you can buy the individual tubes also using the links below.

The blackstar ht 5 includes a standard 12AX7 (or ECC83) tube plus an Electro Harmonic 12BH7. The blackstar ht 5 tube replacement is easy as long as you follow basic safety measures like ensure the amplifier is turned off (and unplugged) and ensure the tubes are cold. The blackstar ht 5 replacement vale kits tend to cost more than buying the parts seperately however check shipping costs.

Review below the separate rate blackstar ht 5 tubes and the full blackstar ht 5 valve replacement kits that are available. The guitar amp replacement valve set is suitable for a number of amplifiers in the Blackstar HT-5 guitar amp range. This are listed below. If the power valves are not matched it may cause hum, noise, distortion and reduce the life of the other valves. Read the installation manual supplied with your guitar amplifier before changing guitar amp valves. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to buy full guitar amp re-valve sets, tube kits, for your amplifier.

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As guitar amplifier valves deteriorate with use, the tonal quality will be affected gradually over time, tube replacement will solve this problem. In some cases buying a single tube guitar amplifier power valve can be a false economy, most, high power valve guitar amps need matched power valves to work correctly, buying a full guitar amp tube replacement set, including both the pre-amplifier valves and power output valves solves this problem, see the tube replacement options at bottom of page. If you have a different Blackstar amp and need tube replacement sets then use this link to see the full list of Blackstar amplifier valve sets (full valve amp tube kits).

The Blackstar HT5, Replacement Valve Kit Includes

Video Replacing Tubes on Blackstar HT-5

I have included this video to give you guidance on blackstar ht5 tube replacement. To buy a new set of tubes or even a single tube please use the above links as it helps pay for the website management costs.

The Blackstar HT5 Tube Replacement Sets Works For

Buying Full Guitar Amp Valve Kits

All valve head guitar amps and valve combo guitar amps include a mixture of pre-amplifier tubes, power output valves and rectifier valves (or tubes in the USA). The typical life of guitar amplifier tubes is around 1000 hours. As the tubes all operate together, the performance of all the guitar amp tubes will degrade slowly with time used. To restore your valve amp to its best buy a full blackstar ht5 replacement tube set.

Yuma Gold Blues-30 Valve Amplifier
Yuma Gold Blues-30 Valve Amplifier

Buying a full guitar amplifier re-valve kit for your blackstar ht5 will ensure that your valve guitar amp will sound like it did when it was new. Most valve guitar amplifiers have matched replacement tubes in the power output circuit. It can be a false economy to buy a single valve and then adding it in to the valve guitar amp circuit. Depending on the guitar amplifier circuit it could include both matched pre-amplifier valves and matched power output valves in the circuit, check the manual. To buy guitar amp valves and tube sets use the links below. If unmatched valves are used in the amplifier power output circuit it is likely that the output sound will be poor. If the valves are matched with the same gain characteristics, they will draw the same current and cancel out any mains hum and other noise. If the tubes are not matched there will be a mismatch in the current drawn, resulting in hum and one valve getting much hotter than the others, reducing the life.

Buying a full guitar amplifier re-valve kit, or full tube replacement set, will ensure you have all the parts to restore your valve guitar amplifier to its best. Use the links above to buy the tubes you need for you blackstar ht5 amplifier and the links below to buy replacement guitar amplifier valves and tubes. Matched tube sets have been individually tested for the same bias current, and gain, under identical voltage conditions. The tubes are then put with other tubes of the same characteristics making a matched valve set.

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Tips on Changing Guitar Amplifier Valves

If you are unsure about how to change your blackstar ht5 tubes or how to maintain your valve guitar amplifier at optimum performance levels read our guide to replacing guitar amp valves.

More Blackstar Replacement Valve Kits

iF you need replacement tubes for a different blackstar guitar amplifier review the full list of blackstar amps below and click on the link to be taken to a page where you can review the prices and buy full guitar amp re-valve sets for your tube guitar amplifier. If your valve amp is not in the list contact us using the link in the top menu and we will add your model to the list