Replacement Valve Kits for VHT Guitar Amplifiers

Check out our guitar amplifier Replacement Valve Kits for VHT Guitar Amplifiers. These guitar amp valve kits include all of the amp valves that are required to service your valve guitar amplifier and bring it back to peak performance. As the tubes in your guitar amplifier will deteriorate, and the tonal quality be reduced, with the amount of use, it may not be immediately noticeable that your combo tube amp or head tube amp are not performing as well as it was originally designed to.

Replacing all of the valves in your tube amp at the same time will most likely bring your valve guitar amp back to best performance. Especially if you own a practice valve amp where bad tubes will show up quicker due to the low power or a valuable vintage tube amp. You may be tempted to buy a single power valves however this can be a false economy as most, especially higher powered valve amps, need matched sets of amplifier valves to work correctly. If the tubes that are used in the valve guitar amplifier power output circuit are not matched it will cause hum, or noise, and will most likely reduce the life of the other tubes that are in the circuit.

Please ensure you read the installation manual supplied with your guitar amplifier before buying and changing the valves. You can also read our guide to trube amplifier maintenance for some notes on changing and caring for your tubes.

Replacement Valve Kits for VHT Guitar Amplifiers.

Review the list below and click on the link to be taken to a page where you can review the prices and buy full guitar amp re-valve sets for your tube guitar amplifier. If your valve amp is not in the list contact us using the link in the top menu and we will add your model to the list

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