Video Review : Blackstar Fly 3 Practice Amp, Big Tone, Small Size

Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Practice Amplifier

Check out our Video Review of the Blackstar Fly 3 Practice Amp. I own this great little amplifier and cannot praise it enough. For what it cost it is one of the best purchases I have ever made in relation to my guitar playing. It has a massive tone range from super clean to big crunch tones. The addition of the delay effect thickens up the tone beautifully and creates a great sound. I have this Blackstar guitar amp set up next to my guitars at all time. It is great for just plugging in and playing.

There are no fancy settings or problems with power etc. The batteries seem to last a lifetime and with the addition of the extra speaker you have a super 6W stack amplifier. There is an option to buy a power adapter but I felt it was cheaper to buy some rechargeable batteries and not worry about cables etc. overall this is a great little amp with fantastic tone. Buy one!

Video Review : Blackstar Fly 3 Practice Amp – Description

The BlackStar Fly 3 is the mini guitar practice amplifier combo. The standard unit is available in black however there are custom models with special designs if you are into that plus there is a bass guitar amp version and an acoustic guitar amp version. This great little practice guitar amp has the usual Blackstar guitar amplifier look. This mini guitar amp has a 3 watt output in to a single 3 inch speaker. The control panel features an input socket, plus gain, volume and tone controls. By adjusting the settings it is possible to go from a clean to a heavy overdrive sound.

The Blackstar Fly 3 also includes a delay circuit to add an extra effect to the sound. Using these settings it is possible to go from crystal clean to massive overdrive tones. The Fly 3 also features a built in Delay circuit with adjustable time setting. Adding to the features is an MP3 input so you can play along to a song or backing track and a headphone output socket. There is an optional Fly103 extension speaker and this can be used to increase the power to 6  watts.

Video Review : Blackstar Fly 3 Practice Amp, Big Tone, Small Size

Review the Video Review of the Blackstar Fly 3 Practice Amp, below. Just press on the video review play button in the centre of the video and it will start to play. These video reviews tend to be made by guitarists who do not have any particular allegiance to the guitar product brand or supplier and hence are mostly impartial. In some ways that cuts through some of the glossy text that the manufacturer may publish. Also you can really be expected to buy a guitar product without hearing the actual performance. If you like the review and want to buy the Blackstar Fly 3 Practice Amp we have shown some links below the video review.

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Blackstar Fly 3 Practice Amp : Features

  • 3 Watt Output into 3″ Speaker, 6 Watts is available if the optional extension speaker is purchased.
  • Delay circuit and the Blackstar ISF tone control, giving USA and British tone shapes.
  • Stereo MP3 Input Socket and Headphone Socket.
  • Speaker Output Socket to connect the optional cabinet.
  • Takes 5x AA Batteries, a PSU is available to buy as an option.

YUMAGOLD.CO.UK Review Summary

Play guitar? Buy One! If you play the guitar and love to practice on the fly then the Blackstar Fly 3 ticks all the boxes for me, that is why I have one in my collection. It is well designed, packed with features and is available at a sensible price.

About Battery Operated Practice Amplifiers

The mini or battery powered guitar amp market has grown considerably over the years with players requiring easily portable amps that have modern features like effects and still sound like the bigger combo amps that may be used for gigs. Today, the choice of mini guitar practice amps includes major brands like Orange Amplifiers, Laney Amps, BlackStar Amps, Fender Amps and many more. The range now includes quality combo guitar amplifiers with both battery and mains power supply, performance speakers, high outputs, dual channels and other special features like built in guitar tuner, mp3 input and line out being available on some models.

Due to improvements in technology and circuit design it has allowed the mini guitar practice amplifier to become popular an important part of a guitar players gear. Now guitar players are able to plug in and practice almost anywhere, especially in situations where there is no mains power available.

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