Video Review : Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range

Video Review : Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range

Review the Video Review of the Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range below. The Danelectro Billionaire Pedals offers a range of high quality pedals and billionaire tone at affordable street prices. The full range includes 5 tone shaping guitar pedals, a battery power supply and an AC power adapter and daisy chain, however you can buy the items seperately if you choose.

Video Review : Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range

The range of Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedals includes:

  1. Danelectro PRIDE OF TEXAS™ pedal : Built around the blues guitar tone of the legendary SRV, one of the greatest players ever to walk the earth, and who left us far to early. This blues guitar pedal fattens up the guitar signal without loss of clarity or voice, while adding push and fatness to the tone of either single coil or humbuckers. The Danelectro Pride of Texas pedal will also provide plenty of boost for crunch rhythm or solos. If you can take only one guitar effect pedal into the studio to record your tune, make sure it is this one.
  2. Danelectro BIG SPENDER™ Rotary Speaker pedal : The legendary leslie rotary speaker effect has featured on many iconic tunes, the Danelectro Big Spender pedal recreates the best of these spinning speaker tones – rich, lush and sparkling. The ramp switch lets you initiate next ramp move and select direction of ramp move (up or down). If you want to play tunes like the Eagles Hotel California you will need a rotary pedal in your gig bag.
  3. Danelectro CASH COW™ Driver pedal : A driver pedal that makes chunky, full-bodied chords leap from your guitar amp with note for note clarity, from oversaturated to classic tones, plus it can be cleaned up with the guitar volume control. This is not your typical driver pedal as it has been designed with huge lows and bright highs.
  4. Danelectro FILTHY RICH™ Tremolo pedal : Most people do not know but it was Danelectrowho  invented the thickest, deepest amplifier tremolo sound in the late 40s. The Danelectro Billionaire range and the Filty Rich pedal brings this iconic tremolo pedal technology back for the richest of guitar tremolo tones ever. One listen and this will be a prized part of your arsenal.
  5. Danelectro BILLION DOLLAR Boost pedal : The secret weapon of many A-list Irish and Brit rockers and a reissue of rare 1980s danelectro boost pedal along the line of the original FOXX Tone Machine. Taking you from crisp clean tones to crunch and rock tones. This boost pedal is easy to use and set up, with volume set at 50% or less you get a clean tone, above 50% you start to hit your amp harder and get a crunchy bite.

Video Review : Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range

Review the Video Review of the Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range below. Just press on the video review play button in the centre of the video and it will start to play. These video reviews tend to be made by guitarists who do not have any particular allegiance to the guitar product brand or supplier and hence are mostly impartial. In some ways that cuts through some of the glossy text that the manufacturer may publish. Also you can really be expected to buy a guitar product without hearing the actual performance. If you like the review and want to buy one or more of the Danelectro Billionaire pedals we have shown some links below the video review.

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Click on the links above to place your order and start enjoying the features of the Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range. Get the latest special offers and reductions in guitar amp prices and effect pedal prices plus lots of other musical instrument gear by visiting the  guitar pedal price reductions page.

YUMAGOLD.CO.UK Danelectro Billionaire Guitar Pedal Effect Range – Review Summary

This is a nice collection of pedals building on the vintage circuit designs of the legendary Danelectro brand, worth a look.

About Danelectro Guitar Effect Pedals

The Danelectro Cool Cat Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal is one of many types of Danelectro pedals that are currently available. The Danelectro Company was founded in 1947 in the USA. The original company went out of business in 1969 however the Evets Corporation purchased the brand name in the 1990’s and have continued since then to design and import guitar gear and other musical instrument accessories. Initially selling imported copies of the old Danelectro guitar designs. Later newly designed Danelectro guitar pedals and small practice tube amplifiers were added to the range. After initially selling quite well, guitar sales slowed and Danelectro stopped selling their own branded guitars in 2004 to concentrate on the retro guitar pedal designs. In 2005 the new owners of Evets decided on a new marketing model for selling the guitars again and thee are now available to buy once more via online stores like Ebay and Amazon plus retail music stores. The Danelectro pedals are easily recognisable and have a unique retro styling, especially the Danelectro fab pedals and Danelectro Cool Cat pedals however the quality of the sound from some of these pedals was poor. Recently, Danelectro have designed a new range of boutique pedals that are made to a higher quality like the new Danelectro billionaire pedals.

Personally, I have some of the better quality Danelectro pedals from the mid-90s that I use every day. These include the Danelectro Dan Echo pedal, The Danelectro Fab Tone pedal, the Danelectro Daddy-O Distortion pedal and the Danelectro Slap Echo pedal which is perfect for those rockabilly and country guitar tones.. Use this link to view the full list of Danelectro Guitar Effect Pedals.

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