Video Review: Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack EQ Tone Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Knockout Attack EQ

Check out our Video Review of the Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack EQ Tone Pedal below. This is a bit of a unique pedal being more of a tone shaper pedal than another EQ pedal. The Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack pedal will change the basic tone curve and character of the signal from the guitar pickups. The unique feature of this EHX guitar pedal the way that it shapes the input signal as it it uses multi-pole high and low pass filters and a blend control that allows for multiple signal shapes allowing for many guitar playing styles. The Knockout Attack pedal has three control knobs on the casing – Low, Dry and High. The Low knob controls the output from the 7-pole low pass filter. Turning this knob clockwise results in more bass. The cutoff frequency is 85Hz. The High knob controls the 6-pole high pass filter.

Turning this knob clockwise results in a brighter sound. The filter’s cutoff frequency is 6.5kHz. The Dry knob is the key to the EHX Knockout pedals flexibility, turning this knob allows you to blend in as little or as much of the dry (pre-equalized sound) as you want. By playing with this setting a wide range of different tones are possible. The electronics is housed in a metal case and includes a true bypass switch. As with most pedals a red led is used to indicate when the effect is being on or being used. Power can either be via an internal 9V battery or a seperate power adaptor can be used. Standard 1/4″ input and output jacks are mounted on the sides of the pedal. Input impedance is 390k Ohm.

Video Review: Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack EQ Tone Pedal

Review the Video Review of the Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack pedal below. Just press on the video review play button in the centre of the video and it will start to play. These video reviews tend to be made by guitarists who do not have any particular allegiance to the guitar product brand or supplier and hence are mostly impartial. In some ways that cuts through some of the glossy text that the manufacturer may publish. Also you can really be expected to buy a guitar product without hearing the actual performance. If you like the review and want to buy the EHX Knockout EQ Tone Pedal we have shown some links below the video review.

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Electro Harmonix Knockout Attack EQ Tone Pedal : Features

  • 3 stage EQ control.
  • True bypass switching.
  • Unique tone shaping characteristics.


Harmonix Knockout Attack EQ Tone Pedal – Review Summary

The EHX Knockout pedal is great for establishing a nice clean tone prior to adding in other guitar tone shaping pedals, like distortion pedals and fuzz pedals.

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