Video Review : Orange Crush Mini, Guitar Practice Amp MP3

Video Review : Orange Crush Mini, Guitar Practice Amp MP3

Check out THE Video Review of the Orange Crush Mini, Guitar Practice Amp with MP3 the latest new product from Orange guitar amplifiers, the British guitar amplifier manufacturer. The Orange Crush Mini has a 3 watt output into a single 4″ speaker. Like all of the Orange guitar amps the Orange Crush Mini still has the iconic orange vinyl covering and a white control panel. The circuit is reported to be based on the Orange Micro Dark using solid-state components (transistors, diodes, IC’s etc instead of valves or tubes). The control panel includes Gain, Volume and a Shape control which affects the shape of the mid-range frequencies to give an overall distinctive tone quality. The unit is fitted with an MP3 input, headphone socket and external speaker jack, there is also a tuner which completes a great little mini amp package.

Video Review : Orange Crush Mini, Guitar Practice Amp MP3

Review the Video Review of the Orange Crush Mini, Guitar Practice Amp with MP3 and iconic British guitar amplifier styling below. Just press the video review play button in the centre. Prices and buying options are shown below the video review.

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Video Review : Orange Crush Mini, Guitar Practice Amp MP3 – Features

  • 3 Watt Output into 4″ Speaker.
  • MP3 Input Socket.
  • Headphone Socket.
  • Great feature is the Built in Guitar Tuner.
  • Speaker Output Socket to add Extension speaker.

YUMAGOLD.CO.UK Review Summary

The Orange Crush Mini, Guitar Practice Amp with MP3 is a great little practice amp packed with features and available at a no nonsense price.

Battery Operated Practice Amplifiers

The mini or battery powered guitar amp market has grown considerably over the years with players requiring easily portable amps that have modern features like effects and still sound like the bigger combo amps that may be used for gigs. Today, the choice of mini guitar practice amps includes major brands like Orange Amplifiers, Laney Amps, BlackStar Amps, Fender Amps and many more. The range now includes quality combo guitar amplifiers with both battery and mains power supply, performance speakers, high outputs, dual channels and other special features like built in guitar tuner, mp3 input and line out being available on some models.

Due to improvements in technology and circuit design it has allowed the mini guitar practice amplifier to become popular an important part of a guitar players gear. Now guitar players are able to plug in and practice almost anywhere, especially in situations where there is no mains power available.

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