RevivalDrive Overdrive Pedal by Origin Effects

Origin Effects RevivalDrive Overdrive Guitar Pedal

The RevivalDrive Overdrive Pedal by Origin Effects is made in the UK. Origin Effects guitar pedals have been reported to be used by Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame. This boutique guitar pedal is based around the overdrive sound of a vintage non-master-volume valve amp. The RevivalDRIVE is the result of engineers at Origin Effects analyzing countless classic guitar amps to figure what made them sound so good. These sounds were reproduced in a pedal, with controls that would allow the guitar player to precisely dial in each one or to mix and match different elements to create something new. Built using all analogue components, a sturdy chassis to withstand the rigors of touring, circuitry which recreates the vintage valve amp tone and intuitive controls which allow the response to be fine tuned to many different British and American amplifier styles. Note there are two versions, Compact and Deluxe, where the compact is a slimed down version with less features.

Choose from Solid-State and Valve-Styled Rectifier Channels,  Dual Class-A Preamp Stages, Phase Inverter and Push-Pull Power Amp Stages, Built-In Reactive Speaker Load, Fully Variable Mid Boost, Unique Ghost Control, Dry Blend Control for Parallel Drive Effects and Re-Amp EQ Controls. Review the product details, compare prices and suppliers for the RevivalDrive Overdrive Pedal by Origin Effects below.

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About Guitar Overdrive Effect Pedals

A guitar overdrive pedal is one of the most popular guitar effect pedals used by guitarists. With this in mind there are many different brands and styles on the market ranging from very cheap Chinese made pedals to high quality boutique overdrive pedals as used by famous guitarists. No guitar pedal board will be complete without an overdrive pedal of some type being included. The quality of the overdrive effect pedal will have an affect on the guitar signal chain as it will involve an increase in gain. Using a cheap overdrive pedals noise can be a consequence. used to boost the input guitar pick up signal and recreate the sound of a vintage valve guitar amp that is being used with the gain turned up to a high level. Overdrive creates broken or distorted sound with a crunch tone and is popular with blues, rock and metal guitarists. Overdrive is different to the sound generated by a distortion guitar pedal or fuzz guitar pedal and has a different tonal range.

Choose your overdrive pedal wisely, cheap overdrive pedals can result in a harsh distorted sound and an increase in noise or hum. Consider a mid-priced or more expensive boutique overdrive pedals as made by boutique pedal makers have extra circuitry to shape the complete sound.

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About Origin Effects Guitar Pedals

The RevivalDrive Overdrive Pedal by Origin Effects is one of many types of Origin Effects guitar pedals that are currently available. Origin Effects is the brainchild of British audio-designer Simon Keats. These high quality boutique guitar effect pedals are individually hand-built and finished in Origin Effects headquarters, Oxfordshire UK. Each pedal is expertly calibrated, assembled and tested to the highest of quality and specification. Origin Effects are included in our list of Boutique guitar pedals that includes guitar pedal designers from around the World. Boutique effect pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies and are often more expensive than mass-produced pedals due to the complex manufacturing process and the use of higher-quality components. These companies make innovative designs and often feature on pedal boards of famous guitar players, Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd has been reported to have used a Origin Cali 76 Compressor on a number of tracks and also in live performances. View the full list of  Origin Effects pedals.

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