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Rivera Boutique Guitar Amplifier, LA, USA.

Rivera guitar amps are available in Europe from a limited number of sources. There are regular second hand versions of the Rivera amps becoming available on auction sites however you can never guarantee to get something that has not already been tinkered with. To source and buy a new Rivera Amp in the UK seems to be difficult. This is due to Rivera Guitar Amplifiers being designed and manufactured in California, US. However, we have found a European supplier who can delivery Rivera Amp models to your UK address. The link to buy Rivera Amps for UK delivery is shown below.

If you are one of the UK based people who have managed to source one of the new rivera amps then you are in good company. Rivera amps UK are used by a number of famous guitar players who seek that classic tube guitar amp tone with something extra.

The Rivera Amps guitar amplifier company was founded by Paul Rivera in August 1976 in Southern California. Before  manufacturing amplifiers Paul Rivera ran his own guitar amplifier repair and modification shop, focusing on tube guitar amplifiers that were made by mainstream brands. Rivera, like other boutique guitar amplifier builders, like Soldano guitar amplifiers, began building models based on Fender Tube Amps to try to capture a piece of the market for hot-rodded multi-channel amplifiers that was dominated at the time by Mesa Boogie Amps.

As these are boutique US MADE guitar amplifiers you will need to import the product from the US supplier as shown below. Quality costs money.

Buy Rivera Boutique Guitar Amplifiers

See below our list of Rivera guitar amplifiers, if the list does not include any guitar amplifiers then it means they are none available from our supplier database. To help we have included the link above to a European supplier who stocks Rivera Amps and supplies the to the UK. As Rivera amps are sometimes not available to buy online we have displayed a list of tube replacement sets for Rivera Amp tube models. If you own a Rivera Amp then at some point you will need to replace the tubes to keep the amplifier operating in peak performance. Owning a spare set could make the difference at a gig.

On our website we access the separate web pages of different suppliers and list the products to make comparing the prices easy. You can then click through to the chosen supplier and buy the product, hopefully making a nice saving as well.

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Types of Guitar Amplifier

Rivera guitar amps feature tube circuits however there are many different styles of guitar amplifier on the market, as can be seen from the list below. Each guitar amplifier type is designed to either work with a specific type of guitar or to generate a specific sound type. For instance you would buy a Bass combo guitar amp to use with your bass guitar. There are also different styles of circuits used to generate the overall sound that is produced, the biggest difference being between tube guitar amplifier circuits and solid state guitar amplifier circuits. which became popular in the 70’s. The type of sound generate by a valve amplifier and a solid state are very different.

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