Roland Jazz Chorus Combo Guitar Amplifier

Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo

Experience the legendary Roland Jazz Chorus clean tone in a ultra-compact solid state combo guitar amp. The Roland Jazz Chorus is a true stereo guitar amplifier with two stereo inputs for connecting stereo effect pedals and output into two 6.5-inch speakers. With the Roland dimensional space chorus effect and high-quality reverb built-in. The Roland Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier is well known to Jazz and other guitar players alike, with an ultra-clean tone.

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The Roland Jazz Chorus is built to the same standards of sound and durability that the long-running Jazz Chorus series has been noted for since the 70’s. Around the world, the Roland JC series is renowned as the benchmark in clean guitar amplification. With the Jazz Chorus, you can now have that authentic tone in a light, compact portable guitar amp package. The internal amplifier circuit features two seperate guitar power amps and custom-designed speakers. The Roland Jazz Chorus delivers the genuine clean sound of the larger JC amplifiers, while the trademark Dimensional Space Chorus modulation effect fills the room with 3D sound. The reverb effect also operates in true stereo for rich reflections.

The Roland Jazz Chorus is the perfect practice amplifier for playing at home. The stereo inputs make connecting effect pedals easy.  If connecting a true stereo effect it will perform ans designed however it is also possible to connect different effects to each input with multiple options to create new sound possibilities. The Roland Jazz Chorus rear panel has a wide range of connection options including an effect loop with either series or parallel operation and line output connection to feed direct feed to a mixing console or recorder. Also, check out the Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus, with a higher output power.

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Solid State Combo Guitar Amps Explained

The Roland Jazz Chorus Combo Guitar Amplifier is classed as a solid state combo guitar amplifier. A combo guitar amplifier includes guitar amplifier power section and the output speaker within the same wooden cabinet. Solid state guitar amplifiers use solid state technology, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, or IC’s to amplify the guitar pick up signal. Generally, if designed correctly, a solid state guitar amplifier, has a much cleaner sound than a valve guitar amplifier. solid state amplifiers became popular in the 70’s due to low component prices, reduced manufacturing costs and smaller circuits.

Despite being generally very clean some solid state guitar amplifiers have been designed for use by Heavy Metal guitarists with companies like Randall creating a number of amplifiers to recreate the British Metal sound of groups like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. Solid state amplifiers are popular with Jazz players and amplifiers like the legendary Roland Jazz Chorus are popular with Jazz guitarists.

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