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Robert Keeley Memphis Sun Verb Slapback Echo Pedal

Well that’s alright My Mama, That’s alright with you……..If you are dreaming of picking up your guitar and playing some 50s Rock and Roll or Rockabilly tunes then you will need to buy a good quality Slapback Echo Guitar Pedal for your pedal board. Likewise, if you want to recreate those iconic Country guitar twang riffs of the 70s you will need to grab your compressor pedal and hook it up to a slapback echo pedal before you can get out on the range. Slapback Echo is not the same are reverb or delay, it is normally 1 single reflection of the guitar signal on a specific time setting which creates an effect similar to double tracking as if two guitars are playing the same notes slightly out of sync.

Slapback echo uses a delay time normally from 75ms to 250ms, with little or no feedback. The effect is characteristic of vocals on 1950s rock-n-roll records, particularly those produced by Sun  Studios in Memphis in the 50s. The early Sun Studio recordings of artists like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Chet Atkins were produced on the Sun Records label. These early recordings featured a novel production technique that was termed “slapback echo”. It was noted that no live sound was heard without an echo element, and hence added the effect to add realism and resultant depth to the recorded track. The effect was produced by re-feeding the output signal from the playback head tape recorder to its record head. The physical space between heads, the speed of the tape, and the chosen volume being the main controlling factors.

The slapback effect is associated with Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Country guitar playing styles and is a great pedal to own if you are considering that style of music, plus of course a compressor pedal. In modern days many guitar effect pedal manufacturers have developed new guitar pedals to replicate this effect in a stompbox design. Review the Slapback Echo Guitar Pedals below.

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Here are a selection of slapback echo pedals that are advertised online to buy. Select a model and you will be taken to a page to review the specification and place your order.

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If you click on a link below it will take you to a separate page where it will shows various suppliers and prices for the product. If you just want to make a choice then jump straight in and buy your new slapback echo pedal and start rocking those Memphis guitar tones.

  • JHS The Milkman Slap Echo Boost Guitar Pedal - The JHS The Milkman Slap Echo Boost Guitar Pedal is a collaborative idea between Josh Scott of JHS Pedals and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound. The concept is simple: a single pedal that offers up an echo/slap delay and a boost that can also be used as an always-on enhancer. So here we are, an easy-to-use boost/echo 2-in-1 pedal with a small footprint that fits into any rig with ease. We’d love to go on and on about The JHS Milkman, but its beauty is in its simplicity, and tone of course. If you play country, rockabilly, swing, surf, or…
  • Keeley Memphis Sun Lo-Fi Reverb SlapBack Guitar Pedal - The Keeley Memphis Sun Lo-Fi Reverb SlapBack Guitar Pedal takes you back to the 50s and Sun Studios in Memphis, pure Rock and Roll. The Memphis Sun is basically a lo-fi reverb pedal, slapback echo pedal and double tracking pedal in the same stompbox package. The Keeley Memphis Sun gives you a wealth of tones for capturing that classic Rock-and-Roll sound as well as sounds you have not heard before. Including three different effect presets - SLAPBACK 600, an echo with long delays, SUN MODE, and auto double tracking and slapback with short delays and ROOM, a studio simulation reverb.…
  • Keeley Aurora Reverb Delay SlapBack Guitar Pedal - The Keeley Aurora Reverb Delay SlapBack Guitar Pedal provides the essentials guitarists are looking for when they need reverb on their pedal boards. Like that ethereal glow to the mighty Earth herself, Aurora creates a natural halo of sound in the atmosphere of your magnificent core tone. This is a boutique quality reverb pedal featuring true bypass, 100% dry analog path, low noise, 24 bit, high-fidelity reverb processor with controls which offer everything from pristine, fast reflections to ethereal spaces to deep, dark and endless caverns. The body includes a toggle switch to allow you to select the three most…
  • Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker ADT SlapBack Pedal - The Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker ADT SlapBack Pedal is a stereo guitar effect pedal that offers an array of studio-style doubling effects used for creating thicker, fuller sounding instruments. Also included in the effect pedal is a reverb that simulates the famous echo chamber in Abbey Road, Studio Two. The Keeley ADT pedal is designed to work with guitar, bass, keyboard, even vocals. An Automatic Double Tracker or ADT pedal is a way of creating recordings that sound bigger and fuller by making it sound like two guitars, or singers, or instrumentalists are playing at same time. The Keeley…

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