Solid State Guitar Amplifiers – Combo and Head Style

Use this page as a gateway to choosing a new solid state guitar amplifier. Below there are links to choose between either solid state combo guitar amps which have the amplifier circuit and speaker within the same cabinet and solid state head guitar amps which have only the amplifier section within a smaller, easy to transport, cabinet. When buying a solid state guitar amplifier a seperate guitar amplifier speaker cabinet will also be required.

The Creation of Solid State Guitar Amplifiers

Solid state technology, when used in guitar amplifier manufacture, became popular in the 70’s. With the mass production of solid state components like transistors, diodes, integrated circuits etc it allowed guitar amp makers to replace the previous valve circuit technology and greatly reduce manufacturing costs. Despite being popular in the 50’s and 60’s by the mid 70’s not many companies were manufacturing valves (or tubes). This meant that sourcing components became costly. Also, some people considered the old valve circuits to be unreliable and costly to repair. By changing guitar amplifier design to solid state technology allowed for smaller amplifiers, increased reliability and a cleaner sound to be achieved.

Choose Solid State Head or Combo Designs Below

Solid State Head Guitar Amps, Compare Prices

This page focuses on Solid State Head Guitar Amplifiers that have only the amplifier circuit within a cabinet. When buying a head style guitar amplifier you will need to buy a speaker cabinet use the amplifier. Head style guitar amplifiers ...
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Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

This page focuses on Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers. A combo guitar amplifier has the sound amplification circuit and the speaker within the same wooden cabinet. This makes it easy for use at home, in the studio and when touring ...
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The Solid Stage Guitar Amplifier Sound

Unless it is a specific design feature of the guitar amplifier, solid state guitar amplifiers feature a much cleaner circuit design. This is prefered by some guitarists who either want the overall clean tone or prefer to use guitar effect pedals to shape there personal sound.

For instance, solid state guitar amplifiers are popular with many Jazz guitar players due to this ultra clean tone. In fact some guitar amp manufacturers designed solid state amplifiers purely for Jazz players. By including effects like reverb and chorus into the guitar amplifier circuit design it gave Jazz players the sound that suited the musical style. In the early 80’s these original jazz amps became popular with new wave players who liked to use effects. A typical model that is much sought after these days is the Roland Jazz Chorus 100W (2×12) guitar combo, as used by Billy Duffy of The Cult.

Solid-state amplifiers vary in output power, functionality, size, price, and sound quality in a wide range, from practice amplifiers to combos suitable for gigging to professional models intended for session musicians who do studio recording work.

Popular models of Solid State Guitar Amp to look out for.

Check out these models to get the best in solid state guitar amplifier design and sound.

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