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This page focuses on Solid State Head Guitar Amplifiers that have only the amplifier circuit within a cabinet. When buying a head style guitar amplifier you will need to buy a speaker cabinet use the amplifier. Head style guitar amplifiers are popular with touring guitar players as they are easy to transport and they can be connecte dto the speaker system at the venue where they will play.

Solid state guitar amplifiers use silicone chip technology including transistors, diodes and ic’s to modify and amplify the guitar pick up signal to audible levels. If designed correctly, Solid state guitar amplifiers have a particularily clean tonal quality. This clean tone, without distortion, makes them popular with Jazz players and other guitarists who prefer to use guitar effects pedals to modify their sound.

The overall tone of a solid state head guitar amp is different to that created by a more expensive valve head guitar amp.  Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each type on our guitar amplifiers explained page.

A Selection of Solid State Head Guitar Amplifiers

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Solid State Guitar Amplifiers Explained

RANDALL RG1503H 3 Channel Solid State Head
RANDALL RG1503H 3 Channel Solid State Head

A head style guitar amplifier includes the power amplifier circuitry within a metal casing or cabinet. There is no speaker therefore if using this style of guitar amplifier a speaker cabinet will be required. The amplifier circuitry includes solid state technology (transistors, integrated circuits and diodes) which makes the units smaller and easier to transport than valve head amplifiers.

Solid state amplifiers can range from cheap practice amplifiers to high quality boutique designs used by famous players. The sound from a solid state amplifier is different to a valve amplifier however due to the technology additional features and effects are easy to incorporate within the amplifier unit.

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