Sonicake Twiggy Blues Multi Effect Guitar Pedal

Sonicake Multi Effects Guitar Pedal Twiggy Blues of Overdrive Reverb Delay and Compressor with Cab Simulator for the 50s 60s Vintage Acid Rock Tone

The Sonicake Twiggy Blues Multi Effect Guitar FX Pedal is a blues guitarists dream, a guitar fx signal chain with all the effect pedals you need to emulate the famous blues players, at the fraction of the cost of a vintage valve guitar amplifier. We all love the vintage tone from an overdriven Fender Tweed amp and with the Sonicake Twiggy Blues that is possible. Designed with a compressor fx pedal, a blues driver fx pedal, a slapback echo fx pedal and reverb fx pedal all designed to work together and with an EQ curve that is more focused on the high mids. Great for blues rhythm and solo playing. The tonal characters are the same a you would achieve pushing an old tube amp over the top, raw, and full of attitude. The reverb and delay sections provide ambient tones and the compressor is designed to compliment the blues driver. Built in to the unit is a cabinet simulation which will allow you to connect the Sonicake Twiggy Blues direct to a mixing desk or audio interface for silent practice and recording.

Review options, compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the Sonicake Twiggy Blues Multi Effect Guitar Pedal below. Also check out the Sonicake Rockstage Multi Effect Pedal for a harder rock tone. For a full heavy metal set up look at the Sonicake Black Hammer pedal. The web site has many more Sonicake effect pedal and many other types of guitar effect pedal  for you to consider. with all the most popular effect styles covered like drive booster pedals, overdrive pedals, octave pedals, fuzz pedals and more.

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Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals Explained

A guitar multi-effects pedal is a versatile piece of equipment when used correctly. Guitar multi-effects pedals are designed with a large bank of standard effects within one single unit which typically is designed to look like a standard guitar pedal board. box. This eliminates the need to buy lots of separate effect pedals, link cables, and pedal power supplies etc. The multi-effects unit is normally programmable where once a effect chain has been designed and set up it can be saved into a slot in the memory and then easily recalled for use again in the future.

Some high quality multi-effects units like the Roland multi-effect pedals are great for use in live performance as the effects can be set up and saved and recalled using a single foot switch unlike seperate effects where it would involve switching various effect pedals on and off. To some people multi-effects units can be hard to set up however if the time is taken to learn the settings and how to program the unit they can be a very valuable piece of equipment for the guitar player. Guitar multi-effects pedals are available in seperate versions for lead guitar multi-effects and bass guitar multi-effects. Our website includes many styles and models of guitar effect pedal by the major brands. We also have a wide range of boutique effect pedals available.

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The Sonicake Twiggy Blues Multi Effect Guitar Pedal is one of many types of Sonicake guitar pedals that are currently available to buy online. The sonicake website says “At, we offer you premium musical instruments with innovative designs, excellent craftsmanship, and very decent prices, hitting the standardized benchmarks for the professional artists and creators, yet making it approachable for anyone to start playing” View the full list of Sonicake Guitar Effect Pedals.

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