CKK Soul Echo Tape Delay Guitar Pedal

The CKK Soul Echo Tape Delay Guitar Pedal features a classic tape delay circuit, volume boost circuit and filter select switch. Controls include Repeat, Mix, Time and Boost. The classic tape delay effect is one still sought after by many guitarists. The CKK pedals Soul Echo provides the same charm of tape delay systems, with the modern reliability and choice to tweak the echo to your exact requirement. The repeat control sets how many times you want each note to be echoed. The time controls the gap between each echo. The mix determines how loud the echoes are in relation to your original sound. The boost gives you up to 6dB of increased volume, which is suited to guitar solos. This makes the Soul Echo ideal for players wanting a great sounding delay ready for the stage or studio.

Review the product details, and use the links shown to compare prices, suppliers and special offers for the CKK Soul Echo Tape Delay Guitar Pedal below. There are many more CKK pedals to check out made by this boutique guitar pedal manufacturer.

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About Boost Driver Guitar Pedals

A boost pedal or driver pedal the simplest of all gain-based guitar pedals, boosters do exactly what they say. Taking the signal from the guitar pick up and boosting the volume of the signal. A boost pedal acts like an extra gain stage on the amplifier input. If used correctly a booster pedal can be a very versatile addition to your guitar pedal board adding extra flavor to the guitar signal chain and overall sound. Guitar booster pedals were among the earliest effect pedals to be launched, first being marketed as treble boosters. In the 60s, many famous players used treble boosters to push their valve driven Marshall guitar amps and Vox guitar amps to achieve a smooth, natural-sounding distortion. Afterwards overdrive pedals and distortion pedals were introduced giving extra functionality. Booster pedals have been used by players like Eric Clapton,  Jimmy Page and Brian May.

An echo effect pedal is used create multiple reflections of the guitar signal chain to thicken the sound before it enters the guitar amplifier. Echo pedals typically includes settings for mix, time and feedback. Models can range in price from the cheap Ammoon Echo Delay Pedal to the high quality boutique echo pedals like the Keeley Mag Echo and the Pigtronix Echolution Pro. A similar pedal to consider buying is a tape echo effect pedal as it has a more vintage sound.

Choose your booster pedal wisely, cheap is not always the way to go as cheap booster pedals can result in a harsh distorted sound. Consider a mid-priced or more expensive boutique booster pedals as made by boutique pedal makers have extra circuitry to shape the complete sound. Popular models to consider include the Blackstar HT Boost Pedal, the MXR M293 Booster Pedal, the Pigtronix Class A Boost Pedal, the Carl Martin Plexitone Overdrive Boost, the Strymon Riverside Multistage Drive and the T-Rex Octavius Tri-Tone Generator.

About Tape Echo Guitar Effect Pedals

A tape echo pedal is a modern solution to recreate the sound of a vintage tape echo unit like the WEM copycat. In the original version a loop of tape passes over a series of tape heads. One to write the sound and the others to play it back, as the tape passes around the heads in a loop. There is also a speed adjustment that decides the speed the loop rotates and therefore the speed the echos are repeated. These old tape units were very unreliable and the tape was easily damaged or became worn out and degraded the sound. Therefore a modern solution using silicone chips was devised. In modern tape echo effect pedals there are a series of digital buckets which store the original input sound and then these buckets are pushed to the output depending on the settings on the pedal. The modern units have a better sound quality and also additional features.

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About CKK Guitar Effect Pedals

The Soul Echo Tape Delay with Boost Guitar Pedal by CKK Effects is one of many guitar effects manufactured by the CKK pedal company that was first founded in 2012, Beijing, China, and is a brand of Sinvertek Electronic. In 2014 the classic series of 15 new CKK guitar pedals was launched and this range of guitar pedals was upgraded in 2015 and again 2017, using the same basic circuits with different styling. In 2018 the new CKK Design Series was launched with professional quality circuitry and premium design styling. The CKK Anka distortion pedal was the first of this new range of CKK effects that was to be sold.

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On the web site there are many Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals from suppliers around the World. Boutique guitar effect pedals are designed by smaller, independent companies. Boutique gear is often more expensive than mass-produced pedals however you will get a product made to a high specification in return, cheap guitar pedals can destroy a performance.

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