SoundKing AK10 Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifier (10W-108)

Soundking AK10-G Guitar Amplifier Combo, Including Distortion

The SoundKing AK10 Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifier boasts 30W of peak power, 20W RMS, into a single 8” speaker. This mini practice guitar amplifier is perfect for beginners with a range of features. This cheap practice guitar amplifier has two channels, clean and overdrive, a 2 band EQ including Treble and Bass, Gain and Master Volume controls plus headphone output and line input so you can connect an external mp3 player and jam to your favorite songs. Despite this being a cheap guitar amplifier it is still functional and perfect for practice and jam sessions.

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SoundKing AK10 : Solid State Combo Guitar Amplifiers

The SoundKing AK10 is a solid state Combo guitar amplifier includes the Amplifier and Speaker within the same cabinet. The amplifiers are powered by Solid State Technology (Transistors, IC,s and Diodes). This type of guitar amplifier became popular in the 70’s due to the reduced manufacturing costs and size requirements over the previous valve technology. It is a matter of choice which is better however most professional guitar players prefer valve guitar amps for the unique tone and sonic qualities.

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