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Soundking AK30-A Guitar Amplifier Combo - 75 W

Review the range of SoundKing Guitar Amplifiers below. Formed in 1988, SoundKing is a Chinese design, manufacturing and distribution company specializing in audio sound systems. The SoundKing guitar amplifier range consists mainly if cheap bass guitar amps and cheap practice guitar amps. These are typically combo guitar amplifiers and are available for lead and bass guitar players. Despite the low cost, these guitar amps are functional with some nice added features. The technology used is solid state guitar amp circuits leading to a cleaner crisp tone. Overall, SoundKing guitar amps are perfect for beginners to star getting into the world of guitars, for practice and, when using the higher output models, jam sessions and small gigs.

Compare prices, suppliers and special offers for SoundKing guitar amplifiers. On our website we access the separate web pages of different online stores and display the products in a list to make comparing the prices easy. You can then click through to the chosen supplier and buy the product. Check out our list of the cheapest guitar amps.

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Guitar Amplifier Types Explained

There are many styles of guitar amplifier on the market, as can be seen from the list above. Each amplifier type is designed to either work with a specific type of guitar eg Bass guitar amp, Lead guitar amp, Acoustic guitar amp etc. There are also different styles of circuits used to generate the overall sound that is produced. The biggest difference being between vintage valve guitar amplifier circuits and solid state guitar amplifier circuits which became popular in the 70’s. These include silicone chips or IC’s and transistors. The type of sound generate by a valve amplifier and a solid state are very different.

Read our guide to the different types of guitar amplifier to see how each style is made and used. When choosing a guitar amplifier it is best to first decide how it will be used as this will dictate the power output required. For instance a 5W practice amplifier will be perfect for use at home but a waste of time if you plan to tour and have gigs. Guitar amplifiers are available with power outputs from 2w up to 200w and beyond. The next consideration should be the sound type and the type of instrument to be used. On our web site we have some guide pages related to valve guitar amplifiers, especially push-pull designs using matched output tubes.

Read our guitar amplifier valves explained page to understand more about how the valves work in the circuit and the different types of valve that can be used. The general rule being more valves more power. In a push-pull guitar amplifier design one valve is pushing the speaker cone and one is pulling it. As the sound generated by the speaker cabinet is reliant on a clean signal it is important that the valves push and pull in equal measure.

Read our guitar amplifier technical pages on the design of a Push Pull Valve Amplifier and also a Single Ended Valve Amplifier to understand how the technology works. We have also explained the role of the guitar amplifier pre-amplifier valves and the guitar amplifier power output valves. We have also done tests to see how different pre-amplifier valves compared and how they can shape the sound generated by the amplifier.

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