Speaker Cabinets for Guitar Amplifiers

The yumagold.co.uk web site includes many speaker cabinets for guitar amplifiers, by all the major guitar amplifier manufacturers. These include speakers which are designed to be used alongside a head guitar amplifier and also extension speaker cabinets that are used as an extra speaker to be used with an existing guitar amp stack or an an addition speaker connected to a combo guitar amplifier (as long as the amplifier includes an extension socket). The main styles are listed below and there are also some guidance on choosing the right speaker cabinet to use with your guitar amplifier. The style and design of the speaker has a massive impact on the overall output sound and the final guitar tone you will achieve. Choose your speaker cabinet wisely.

We review the web sites and show comparison prices to allow you to source the products at the best price and to get the best online deals on speaker cabs.

Guitar Amplifier Speaker Cabinets Explained

A guitar amplifier speaker cabinet will be required where a head style guitar amplifier is being used, or maybe an extension cabinet is required to extend the output range of the guitar amp. The choice of guitar speaker cabinet is critical to ensure the maximum quality of sound and reliability of the amplifier. Things which must be considered include the resistance or impedance (ohms) and power output (W) from the amplifier. If a 100W amplifier is connected to a 20W cabinet the speaker will not last very long. Most manufacturers of head guitar amplifiers will provide a matched amplifier speaker cabinet with the correct speaker impedance and power ratings to ensure the sound generated is clean and the overall set up is reliable.

So if you buy a valve head guitar amp, a solid state head guitar amp or a bass head guitar amp you will need to buy a speaker cabinet to go with it, unless they come as a set. The primary role of speaker cabinets for guitar amplifiers that are sold is to prevent sound waves generated by the rearward-facing surface of the diaphragm of an open speaker driver interacting with sound waves generated at the front of the speaker driver. Because the forward- and rearward-generated sounds are out of phase with each other and would cause distortion and echo. The enclosure also plays a role in managing vibration.

EVH 5150III 100S Special Run 4 x12 Electric Guitar Speaker Cabinet - Black Stealth
EVH 5150III 100S Special Run 4 x12 Electric Guitar Speaker Cabinet – Black Stealth

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