SubZero SA100H Solid State Amplifier Head (100w)

SubZero SA100H 100W Solid State Guitar Amplifier Head

The SubZero SA100H Solid State Amplifier Head is the ultimate solid state head guitar amplifier with a massive 100-watt output power, EQ and reverb. Clean and distorted channels for an endless range of tones, you can also practice silently using the headphone jack. The additional reverb effect can be adjusted for a subtle echo to big ambient sounds. There is send and return effects loop for connecting your guitar pedal board and effects.

TIP: Solid state guitar amplifiers, especially high powered ones, are perfect for jazz guitar as the extra headroom means the amplifier can be set up to ensure an ultra clean tone.

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Prices for the SubZero SA100H Solid State Amplifier Head (100w)

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Solid State Head Guitar Amplifiers Explained

The SubZero SA100H Solid State Amplifier Head (100w) is a head style guitar amplifier that includes the power amplifier within a cabinet, that does not include speaker. The solid state guitar amplifiers are powered by IC’s and Transistors.

Solid state guitar amps have a unique tone quality and many of the current models are based on classic designs upgraded with modern components and fabrication methods. When buying this style of guitar amplifier a separate guitar amp speaker cabinet will also be required. If money is difficult then maybe a solid state combo guitar amp will be more cost effective option for you.

Also available : SubZero SA-100 Stack (Head Amp and Speaker Cab)

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