Supro Blues King Valve Combo Tube Guitar Amp

The Supro Blues King Valve Combo Tube Guitar Amp, made by boutique guitar amp manufacturer Supro of the USA, takes you back to the iconic blues guitar tones of the 50s with an all tube circuit. Available in two sizes, a 1W with a 8″ speaker and a 15W with a 12″ speaker, this is a beautifully styled guitar amplifier with incredible attention to detail. The 15W powered Supro Blues King Valve Combo Tube Guitar Amp has a front end that includes a 12AX7 preamp tube and a FET-driven, fat boost function. In addition, the amp’s high-gain mode uses a series of cascaded FETs to achieve face-melting levels of distortion and sustain. This can be adjusted further by using the 3-band EQ and Master Volume controls along with the footswitch boost and gain functions to provide multiple layers of stackable overdrive for gigging, recording and home practice. The 15W version of the Supro Blues King Valve Combo Tube Guitar Amp features a custom-made genuine analog spring reverb, plus an effects loop for pedals and a line output for recording or feeding to another amplifier. The vintage-inspired poplar wood cabinetry is based on the mid 50s Supro Comet amp model and comes loaded with a BK12 speaker. This custom-made, 12” driver was specifically designed to capture the magic of the original field-coil speakers used in American tube amps at the dawn of the electric era.

The Supro Blues King Valve Combo Tube Guitar Amp is a classic styled, modern made, guitar amplifier with vintage valve amp tone. Review and compare prices for the various Supro Blues King Valve Combo Tube Guitar Amp suppliers below. Supro guitar amps are made in the USA and are the choice of players like Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. The Supro brand has been around for many years, in fact, a Supro Black Magic tube amp was used by Jimmy Page on the first Led Zeppelin album. Also check out the other Supro valve guitar amp models that are available to review and buy online from internet music stores.

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Supro Blues King Tube Amp : Valve Combo Guitar Amplifiers

Supro is a boutique brand of guitar amplifier and models are often seen on the backline of famous guitar players. For instance Jimmy Page used a Supro combo valve guitar amp to record a number of Led Zeppelin tracks. The Supro Blues King Valve Combo Tube Guitar Amp is a combo style guitar amplifier which has the tube amplifier circuit board and the speaker within the same specially designed cabinet. The valve guitar amp circuit includes valves, or tubes as they are known in the USA, in both the pre-amplifier and the power output circuits. Valve combo guitar amps have a unique tone quality and are the favorite of most professional guitar players. Most valve guitar amplifier designs are based on classic valve amp designs, upgraded with modern fabrication methods. There are also boutique valve amps that are available on the market that have been custom made to individual players specs.

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