Hotone DJENT Skyline Hi-Gain Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal

Hotone Skyline DJENT Hi-Gain Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal Effect Stomp Box

The Hotone DJENT Skyline Hi-Gain Metal Distortion Guitar Pedal provides that monster metal tone that you are craving. This is a high gain distortion guitar pedal featuring three controls and a tri-mode switch. The FORCE knob controls the level of output volume; The DJENT knob controls the amount of distortion; The SABER knob shapes the

Buffer Guitar Pedals – Guitar Effects

Guitar Buffer Pedal - Avoid Tone Sucking in your guitar signal chain.

Why do you need a buffer pedal? It is all about your guitar signal chain and the effect of impedance on the signal from the guitar pickups to the amplifier input socket. The impedance generated by everything involved in that chain will ultimately effect the overall guitar tone, leading to a loss of high end

Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive Guitar Pedal

Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive Hard Clip Edition Guitar Pedal

The Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive Guitar Pedal, like the acclaimed Way Huge Pork Loin Overdrive before it, derives its unparalleled versatility from discrete clean and overdrive signal paths, combining them to deliver one of the most organic, amp-like overdrive guitar pedals available. The Way Huge Saucy Box gives discerning guitarists a dynamic, finger-friendly overdrive with

CP-45 Caline Pressure Point Bass Guitar Compressor Pedal

CP-45 Caline Bass Compressor Bass Guitar Effect Pedal

The CP-45 Caline Pressure Point Bass Guitar Compressor Pedal features an excellent dynamic range and has been specially designed for bass guitar with strong compression, transparent tone and a clear sound production. The five control knobs can be used to adjust the guitar effect and add extra volume and penetration when required. The controls include Comp, Attack, Sense,

Hotone Guitar Amplifiers – Desktop Hybrid Amps

Hotone Thunder Bass NLA-4 5w Amplifier Guitar Head

Hotone Audio is a Chinese Company specialising in the design and manufacture of guitar amplifiers and guitar pedals. The Hotone range includes many products which include modern features. The Hotone guitar effect pedals and the Hotone guitar amplifiers are available from a number of online and retail stores. The people behind the Hotone Audio brand are

Biyang Clone List – Guitar Effect Pedal Clones

Biyang RV-10 Stereo Tri Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

On the yumagold UK website we have gather together some of the best chinese clone pedals and we have created our clone guitar pedals lists as shown below. Today we are talking about the Biyang Pedal Clone List we have created. On this page we have created the links below to some of the most

Deep Six Compressor Guitar Pedal by Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio Deep Six · Guitar Effect

The Deep Six Compressor Guitar Pedal by Walrus Audio is a true bypass studio-grade guitar compressor pedal, in guitar pedal form, offering Level, Sustain, Attack, and Blend controls which allows you to use the pedal with active pickups or hum-buckers. The blend feature allows you to use the Deep Six Compressor with high output instruments

Strymon Riverside Multistage Drive Guitar Pedal

Riverside Multistage Drive Effect Pedal by Strymon

Review the Strymon Riverside Multistage Drive Guitar Pedal by boutique effect pedal manufacturer Strymon. The Riverside Multistage Drive features cascading gain stages that create harmonically rich drive tones. From silky clean overdrives, saturated distortions, and all the various drive tones in-between. Exceptional touch sensitivity comes courtesy of the all analog JFET gain stage, while precision

Guitar Signal Compressor Pedals – Guitar Effects

Boss Cs-3 Compressor and Sustain Pedal - Guitar Effec t Pedal Stomp Box

Guitar Signal Compressor Pedals are most commonly used to enhance the sound of a clean guitar making the notes last longer and also suppressing sharp or loud notes, hence compressing them in to a set level making the sound smoother. Notes that are played with a clean guitar tone often lack sustain and begin to decay quickly after

Guitar Pick Up Booster Driver Pedals – Guitar Effects

Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster Pedal Guitar Signal Path Effect

Guitar Pick Up Booster Driver Pedals, or as they are sometimes know, a  boost pedal or driver pedal, are propably the simplest of all gain-based guitar pedals – boosters do exactly what they say. That said they are a vital part of the guitar players pedal board as boosting the guitar signal, cleanly, can have a dramatic