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Choose Your Guitar Amplifier Re-Valve Kit (Tubes)

Replacement Valve Kit for Bugera V55 (3 x ECC83 2 x Matched 6L6GC)

Review the list of popular valve guitar amplifier manufacturers below and choose your guitar amplifier re-valve kit (tube set). Full guitar amplifier re-valve kits include all of the valves, or tubes, that are required to service your valve guitar amplifier and bring it back to peak performance. As guitar amplifier valves deteriorate with use the tonal quality will be affected gradually over time, you may not notice this at first, however it will gradually get worse and the amplifier will not perform as originally designed, replacing the valves in the … Review Info and Prices

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Single Guitar Amplifier Valve Purchase

ECC83 Valve (12AX7 Tube) Replacement Guitar Amp Tube

Has the performance of your Valve Guitar Amplifier begun to let you down? Is it unreliable? Sound distorted with a hum? If yes, then it could be time to consider replacing some or all of the valves in your guitar amplifier. If you would like to buy a Single Guitar Amplifier Valve then use the links below to select the guitar amp valve you need to get your valve amp singing again. The most common types of guitar amplifier valves are listed below. The guitar amplifier valves are manufactured by all the … Review Info and Prices

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Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves (Tube Sets)

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If you own a valve guitar amplifier then over time the performance of the tubes will degrade and eventually they will fail, hopefully not in the middle of a gig. On the yumagold uk web site you can buy guitar amplifier valves (or tubes for guitar amplifiers) either as a single tube, as a matched valve sets that are supplied in pairs, quads, sextets etc that can be used to tune up your valve guitar amplifier or as complete guitar amp tube replacement set. All types of guitar amp valves are available … Review Info and Prices