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The TECH 21 Guitar Pedals range is extensive with many types of guitar effect represented. Tech 21 are a US guitar pedal manufacturer based in midtown Manhattan that are best known for their innovation and pioneering of guitar amp modelling effects in the days before digital modelling technology. Tech 21 are well known in the guitar world for producing the Tech 21 SansAmp pedal range. Tech 21 pioneered the direct recording movement and created an entirely new category of signal processing. The revolutionary SansAmp tube amplifier emulator was the first device to enable musicians to dial in monster tones and patch them directly to a studio mixer or stage PA. Finally, it was possible to get stunning, consistent tones without futzing for hours and hours to find that elusive ‘sweet spot.’ Instead, the 100% analog SansAmp delivered all of its mammoth sounds from a pocket-sized pedal. Tech 21 continue to develop new pedals however some of the original products are still in production today. This shows the quality of design and build.

Tech 21 guitar pedals simulate famous amplifiers and are available for both electric guitar and electric bass guitars. Most TECH 21 guitar effect pedals can be plugged directly into the PA system in the studio or on stage. They are also used to connect directly to a computer for recording while using DAW software. The majority of TECH 21 guitar pedals provide realistic guitar amp tones without the need to have an actual guitar amplifier present. Tech 21 effects pedals are available online and in music stores.

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TECH 21 Guitar Pedals : Products List

Our website has many TECH 21 Guitar Pedals showing comparison prices from various suppliers for you to review and buy. Some of the most popular models are shown below however if you require a specific guitar pedal use the product list below the grid. Select the guitar effect pedal you are interested in from the list and you will be taken to a page showing the various suppliers and any special offers and savings that exist. If you require a high quality guitar pedal that is built for the road with unique features take some time to review the range of boutique effect pedals to consider that are available, many of these are designed for, and used, by famous guitar players.

You can use this link to also review the full range of Tech 21 guitar pedals in image format. There are many different manufacturers guitar pedal to consider including all the well know brands including Mooer pedals, Joyo pedals, Behringer pedals, MXR pedals, Boss pedals plus take a look at the many boutique guitar pedals that are displayed on the site.

TECH 21 Guitar Pedals : Guitar Effects Explained

Guitarists have been using guitar pedals for over 70 years to shape the sound from their guitars and to drive the input to the guitar amplifier harder. The natural tone from an electric guitar or electric bass guitar is very bland and lacks some sonic qualities that make the sound appealing. A guitar amplifier will change the tone and maybe add distortion but the modify the signal and fatten up the tone guitarist will use effect pedals, rack effects or multi-effect units. A guitar effect unit, pedal or stompbox is an electronic or digital device that takes the clean input signal from the guitar pick ups and modifies, or shapes the signal by adding additional sonic characteristics.. The modified sound is then output from the guitar pedal in to the guitar amplifier or it can be input into another guitar pedal to shape the signal further. Common guitar effects that can be used include:

Most modern effects use solid-state electronics eg computer chips however some old and vintage effects use mechanical components like spring reverb and vacuum tubes. Guitar effect pedals can be either small metal box pedals that are used on the floor eg “stompboxes” or a full rack mounted electronic effects units. Guitar Effect Pedals are typically controlled by a footswitch, either on the pedal, or as a seperate unit on the floor. There are many makes of guitar pedal on the market, from mass produced, cheap guitar pedals, to expensive custom made pedals that are hand made and used by famous guitar players. Guitar pedals are typically used on stage fitted to a guitar pedal board where the guitarist can switch on and off various effects during a live performance to replica the original recording.

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