The Best Jazz Guitar Amplifiers Compared

Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo

When playing Jazz there is a specific tone that the jazz guitar player is looking for and this special Jazz tone is only achievable with the correct type of guitar and amplifier. Electric Jazz guitar has a distinctive sound and this is achieved by a combination of a semi-acoustic electric guitar, minimal effects, and a great sounding Jazz guitar amplifier that has a clean tone and high headroom (enough power to ensure the output is not distorted). A good set up to consider would be a semi-acoustic electric like the Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor Guitar and a Roland Jazz Guitar Amplifier. The best jazz amps, and most popular Jazz guitar amplifiers use solid state circuits as that ensures a very clean tone.

The Best Jazz Guitar Amplifiers include the guitar amplifier power section and the output speaker within the same wooden cabinet, the iconic jazz combo guitar amp. There are two styles of jazz guitar amplifier to consider. The best jazz amps are combo amplifiers which have a built-in speaker. A head jazz guitar amp does not, making it easy to transport but you will need a speaker at the venue if you want to play your best jazz amp live.

If you want to get the best jazz guitar amp, a nice clean tone and a jazz sound then look no further than a solid state combo guitar amplifier. Solid state guitar amplifiers use solid state technology, semiconductors like transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, or IC’s to amplify the guitar pick up signal. Generally, if designed correctly, a solid state guitar amplifier, has a much cleaner sound than a valve guitar amplifier and produced a cleaner tone. Guitar amplifiers like the very popular Roland Jazz Chorus are designed with solid state circuits, speakers and a cabinets which provides the clean jazz tone that is heard on may famous jazz recordings. We have selected a few of the best jazz guitar amplifiers below. Read the general text, click on the link of your chosen jazz guitar amplifier and check out the various suppliers, compare prices and buy jazz guitar amp online.

Check out The Best Jazz Guitar Amplifiers

We have selected some of the Best Jazz Guitar Amps below. Select the jazz guitar amp you are interested in and you will be taken to a page showing specification and price details. Once you have reviewed the details you can buy the jazz amp direct from the links shown.

DV Mark Little Jazz · Guitar Amp

DV Mark Little Jazz Guitar Combo Amplifier (50W)

Jazz guitar amplifiers are designed to have a clean tone with a high headroom to avoid overdriving the circuit and causing distortion. A solid state amplifier is the best choice for a clean jazz guitar tone as valve guitar amplifier circuits are prone to distortion. Check out our range of the best jazz guitar amplifiers. DV Mark Little Jazz Guitar Combo Amplifier - Price Analysis Review Lowest Price DV Mark Little Jazz Guitar Combo Amplifier (Amazon) Review Lowest Price DV ...
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35W Electric Guitar Amp with Reverb by Gear4music

Gear4Music 35RG Electric Jazz Guitar Amplifier with Reverb (35W)

The Gear4Music 35RG Electric Guitar Amplifier with Reverb has a 3-Band EQ to shape the overall tone and a built in spring reverb. This compact guitar amp combo has a sloped cabinet to direct the sound where needed and a single 10” speaker. The perfect for intimate gigs and practicing. The 35RG has a 35W output suitable for practice, jam sessions and small gigs. This is a punchy little amp with a strong overdrive sound and a lightweight build that sports ...
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Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier Combo

Roland Jazz Chorus Combo Guitar Amplifier

Experience the legendary Roland Jazz Chorus clean tone in a ultra-compact solid state combo guitar amp. The Roland Jazz Chorus is a true stereo guitar amplifier with two stereo inputs for connecting stereo effect pedals and output into two 6.5-inch speakers. With the Roland dimensional space chorus effect and high-quality reverb built-in. The Roland Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier is well known to Jazz and other guitar players alike, with an ultra-clean tone. Prices for the Roland Jazz Chorus More about ...
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ZT Amplification Lunchbox Guitar Amplifiers

ZT Amplification Guitar Amplifiers – Lunchbox Amps

ZT Amplification, based in California USA, specialise in designing and manufacturing small, powerful, lunchbox sized guitar amplifiers. These boutique guitar amps have gained a reputation among professional guitarists and can be seen being used at many concerts and in video streams. The lunchbox range are small guitar amplifiers that pack a punch. There are various models to review and consider in the ZT lunchbox guitar amp range and including extension speaker cabinets. ZT Amplification also have a custom shop ...
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ZT Amplification Lunchbox Guitar Amplifier

ZT Lunchbox Guitar Amplifier Combo (200W-106)

The ZT Lunchbox Guitar Amplifier is the high powered big brother of the ZT Lunchbox Junior guitar amp. With a 200W output and an option to buy an extension cabinet (see products below).  The ZT Lunchbox Guitar Amplifier at 200W is loud enough to gig with but weighs less than 5kg. This is with an powerful 6.5” internal speaker. On its own the ZT Lunchbox can easily overpower your drummer. Add a Lunchbox Cab extension speaker or go bigger with ...
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A Selection of Jazz Guitar Amplifiers Below

We have selected some more of the Best Jazz Guitar Amps below that can be ordered direct from the links shown. Select the jazz guitar amp you are interested in and you will be taken to a page showing specification and price details. Once you have reviewed the details you can buy the jazz amp direct from the links shown.

One of the most popular, and considered by many as the best jazz guitar amp is the Roland jazz chorus combo. This has been available since the early 80s and has a clean jazz guitar tone and some built in effects.

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