Tone King Imperial Combo Vintage Valve Guitar Amp (20W)

The Tone King Imperial Vintage Valve Combo Guitar Amp was first introduced in 1993 and become a proven favorite of guitarists seeking authentic vintage valve guitar amp tone. Utilizing all-tube circuitry, traditional spring reverb, and a specially voiced, highly resonant speaker cabinet, the Tone King Imperial Combo captures the true experience of playing a well-worn vintage valve amplifier with exceptional tone and feel. Despite being a combo guitar amp this amp is portable and a fraction of the weight of other tube combos. Also included are onboard tube reverb and tremolo effects. Perfect for single coil and humbuckers with a clean to crunch tone range.

The Tone King Imperial Combo Vintage Valve Guitar Amp is handmade in the USA with a 20W output into a single 12” Eminence speaker. Supplied with a footswitch to control the two channels and effects. Extras include a built in Ironman Power Attenuator (up to -36dB). Valve layout includes 5AR4 Rectifier tube,12AT7 Reverb tube12AX7A Reverb tube,