Trace Elliot Bass Guitar Amplifiers

Trace Elliot ELF bass guitar amp

Trace Elliot is a UK based bass guitar amplifier manufacturer, with a sub-brand, Trace Acoustic, that makes acoustic guitar amps. The Trace Elliot brand was established in 1979, developed a range of products that incorporated MOSFET output stages driving large speaker cabinets, including 15″ drivers, and the world’s first bass-dedicated 4 x 10″ cabinet.

Early bass amplifiers had unique features including 11 graphic equaliser bands which overlapped each other, enabling massive amounts of frequency cut or boost allowing even more variation for bass guitarists to alter their sound like no other amp had previously allowed. Added to this were MOSFET poweramps of 250W or 500W.  Early bass players using Trace Elliot bass guitar amplifiers included John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Mark King of Level 42.

Trace Elliot Bass Guitar Amplifiers
Trace Elliot Bass Guitar Amplifiers

The Company has changed hands many times and is now owned by Peavey. In 1989, Trace Elliot introduced the Trace Acoustic range of acoustic guitar amplifiers. In 1992 the company was bought by Kaman Music Corp, the US distribution company. In 1998 the company was sold to Gibson. In 2005 it was sold to Peavey.

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