Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers

This page focuses on Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers using a full all valve circuit design technology. This means there are valves in both the pre-amplifier and power output stages of the amplifier circuit. With this style of guitar amplifier a seperate guitar amplifier speaker cabinet will be required. Head valve amplifiers are popular with famous guitar players especially touring players as they can take there own favorite head guitar amp along to a venue and connect the amplifier into speakers onsite. Reducing the amount of equipment required to be transported.

A Selection of Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers (See long List below)

Our web site features all types of guitar amplifier and if you are unsure about the differences we have written a brief explanation about each type on our Guitar Amplifiers Explained page. Listed below are some individual Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers. Click on the links below to see some examples of the individual Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers also check out our range of boutique guitar amps like Mesa Boogie guitar amps, Friedman guitar amps, Supro guitar amps, Bugera guitar amps and many more.

Valve Head Guitar Amplifiers Explained

Marshall DSL100H Guitar Valve Amp Head
Marshall DSL100H Guitar Valve Amp Head

A head style guitar amplifier includes the power amplifier within a cabinet without a speaker. The amplifiers are powered by valves (or Tubes in the USA). Valve guitar amplifiers have a unique tone quality and many of the current models are based on classic designs upgraded with modern fabrication methods. When using this style of amplifier a speaker cabinet will be required. Valves or vacuum tubes dominant  in most instrument amplifier applications until the 1970s, when solid-state semiconductors (transistors) started taking over.

Valve guitar amplifier enthusiasts believe that tube amps produce a “warmer” sound and a more natural “overdrive” sound. You will often hear guitar players talking about tone and this refers mainly to the sound from a valve guitar amplifier. While valve or tube technology is, in many ways, outdated, tube guitar amplifiers remain popular since many guitarists prefer their sound.

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