Way Huge Havalina Germanium Fuzz Guitar Pedal

The Way Huge Havalina Germanium Fuzz Guitar is a germanium-powered guitar fuzz box inspired by a vintage 3-transistor design that became the psychedelic shot-heard-round-the-world for guitar players, and ushering in the new sound of rock. Designed around hand-selected Russian germanium transistors and a passive tone circuit, this peccary of a pedal can go from a soft, mellow crunch for meaty chords to a maelstrom of sonic fur that will make every note feel like a summer of love. Prepare to have your mind bent when you ride the Havalina.

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About Guitar Fuzz Pedals

guitar fuzz pedal takes the input guitar signal chain, boosts the gain and then generates a “fuzzy”, “growling”, or “gritty” tone. A guitar fuzz box can be used to replicate an over driven valve guitar amplifier. Guitarists playing electric blues originally obtained an distorted sound by turning up their vintage valve guitar amps to very high volumes, which caused the signal to distort and break up. Fuzz pedals were developed to replicate this sound without the need for high volume and are now a key part of many guitar styles including blues, rock, punk rock and heavy metal music. Prices range from very cheap to expensive however boutique fuzz pedal designs which are made to a higher specification and quality are the go to pedal for famous guitar players and are common on famous guitar player pedal boards. The price will reflect the quality of the sound produced.

Popular boutique effect pedals include the Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe, the TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz, the MXR Blue Box Octave Fuzz, the Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face and the DOD Carcosa Fuzz. For cheaper models look at the Caline Fuzzy Bear Fuzz and the Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz.

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About Way Huge Guitar Effect Pedals

The Way Huge Havalina Germanium Fuzz Guitar Pedal is one of many types of Way Huge pedals that are currently available. Launched in 1992 by Jeorge Tripps, Way Huge Electronics is born of the quest sounds conducted by Tripps, but also by his desire to play with pedals reliable, robust, can easily fit into a pedalboard and with the magic of vintage pedals . Within a few years, Tripps has contributed to the revolution which has seen the market for ‘shop’. At the end of December 1999, the company has closed its doors following the decision of Tripps to follow another path.

The Way Huge guitar pedal brand is now owned by Dunlop Manufacturing who are also behind the range of MXR guitar pedals. Dunlop is well known brand in the World of guitars and sell pedals using the Dunlop, MXR and Way Hugh brand names. This means that a lot of the pedals share some technology. The  Way Hugh brand is the higher end of the guitar pedal price scale and are included in out list of boutique effect pedal makers. View the full list of Way Huge guitar effect pedals.

Boutique Guitar Effect Pedals

Our website has many Boutique guitar pedals from suppliers around the World like Wampler guitar pedals, Zoom guitar pedals, Hotone guitar pedals and Zvex guitar pedals plus many more. Boutique effect pedals, or custom made pedals, are designed by smaller, independent companies and are typically produced in limited, small batch, quantities. The manufacturing process may involve hand assembly, painting and soldering of connections. Unlike mainstream, mass produced, guitar pedal brands, boutique pedals are mainly sold online by the brand web site, online stores and a handful of music shops. Boutique guitar pedals are generally anything from two to three times more than mass produced pedals due to the hand made manufacturing process, higher-quality components, the research and development process, innovation costs and marketing costs. With the best boutique guitar pedals you get higher quality products which appear on famous guitar player pedal boards and are built for life in the studio and on the road.

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