Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1)

Xvive XB1 Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Pedal

The Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1) could not be easier to use, providing the bass guitar player with idiot proof signal compression, pro-quality tone and an overdrive option for that extra bit of tone shaping. All designed inside a micro guitar pedal casing with true bypass switching. Arguably, the most beneficial stomp box guitar pedal that bass guitar player can buy is a compressor pedal. Not all compressor pedals are the same, with different circuit styles, when using a bass guitar a properly designed bass guitar compressor pedal is required, this is where the sensibly priced Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1) steps in. Setting up and using a bass compressor pedal can be frustrating and many perfectly adequate pedals get cast aside as a result. The Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor takes all the pain out of compressing your bass guitar signal and provides an instant pro quality hiss-free squashed signal. Connect your Xvive Bass Squeezer pedal and engage the switch, blend the amount of compression you desire into your bass signal with the “Compression” control and adjust the “Volume” control to set the output volume. As an added bonus, the Xvive Bass Squeezer pedal comes complete with an optional overdrive circuit. Simply switch on the overdrive effect and dial in from subtle edge to a dirty overdriven amp sound.

Overall the The Xvive Bass Squeezer pedal is versatile stompbox that will revolutionise your bass guitar sound. The tone is rich and organic and the controls could not be easier to use. This pedal is an essential addition to any professional bass players pedal board. Xvive guitar pedals, including the Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1), are designed in the USA and manufactured in China. This ensures a quality designed circuit with mass production prices. When selecting and Xvive pedal for your guitar set up you are getting a quality designed product at sensible prices. Review the product details, compare prices and suppliers for the Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1) below. More details of the XVIVE guitar pedals range is shown below also.

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Video Review of the Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1)

I have included this video review below to give you an indication of the performance of the Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1). To play the video review just click in the centre of the image shown below. This bass compressor pedal will help to flatten out those bass spikes, add some extra sustain pluss add some overdrive if required. If you are interested in buying the Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1) please use the above merchant links to place your order as any sales help to pay the website management costs, also, check out some of the guitar related adverts on the site.

These guitar product video reviews tend to be created by independent guitar players, or staff at musical instrument retailers who do not have any particular allegiance to a brand so in some ways their opinions can help cut through some of the  glossy PR text that is provided by the product manufacturer. On our website we also have more guitar product reviews including guitar amplifier reviews and guitar pedal reviews that can help guide you towards that new piece of guitar gear.

About Guitar Compressor Pedals

A bass guitar compressor pedal is designed to work with the very low frequencies associated with this style of instrument. The compressor is used to enhance the sound of a clean guitar making the notes last longer and also suppressing the sharp or loud notes to a set level making the overall sound smoother. Notes that are played with a clean guitar tone often lack sustain and begin to decay quickly after the guitar string is plucked. Using a bass compression pedal will also extend the life of the bass guitar note by raising the volume as it decays, and sometimes they are mixed together as compressor pedal and sustain pedal, squashing the loud notes and boosting the quiet notes. A bass guitar compressor pedal, when used correctly is a valuable piece of equipment and is often found on most bass guitar player pedal boards.

More Xvive Guitar Pedals to Consider

If you prefer, you can use this link to also review the full range of XVIVE guitar pedals in image format before choosing which pedal you want to review.

About Xvive Guitar Pedals

The Xvive guitar pedals, including the Xvive Bass Squeezer Compressor Micro Bass Guitar Pedal (XB1), are designed in the USA and manufactured in China, this helps to ensure the prices remain competitive. XVIVE pedals have been created for guitar and bass players, bringing quality and original guitar tone at a price level that should suit everyone. Paying around £25 or $35 for a decent quality guitar pedal cannot be ignored, can it? The full list of Xvive guitar effect pedals is shown above.  Also, check out the Thomas Blug range of signature pedals that are designed around vintage tube amp tones, see below for details on these.

Since launching in 2012 the Xvive Guitar Effect Pedals range has continued to grow and is complimented extra guitar related products like pedal boards, pedal power supplies, guitar cables and patch leads. Xvive also make a range of wireless guitar systems that are resonably priced. Xvive was founded by a group of musicians with a goal to provide guitar players with products that have great guitar tone, at sensible prices. Despite the price level, Xvive guitar pedals are designed in the USA to meet the demands of professional guitar players with a high quality sound, powerful tone, ease of use, rapid response, and road-worthy, durable casings that will survive the test of time. The range of Xvive Guitar Effect Pedals includes the Xvive micro guitar pedals series that will save space on your pedal board plus the higher specification Xvive W series of guitar pedals that are slightly larger and are designed for guitar players who want the flexibility and extended capability of a boutique line of pedals.

The Thomas Blug Range of XVIVE Guitar Pedals

Recently, the designers at XVIVE have linked up with German guitar guru, Thomas Blug, who has helped them to create 4 uniquely voiced guitar pedals that replicate vintage tube amp tones. These are:

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